“If Used the Right Way, Disobedience Can be a Virtue.” Celinne by Herself, Paulo Coelho’s Blog

My favorite quote by him is scribed on my skin:

“If used in the right way, disobedience can be a virtue.”

There will always be a voice of authority telling you that you cannot do something. There will always be obstacles discouraging you from achieving your goals. But, at the end of the day, you are the sole person responsible for picking your paths.

So, don’t be afraid to disobey, to bend the rules. Society says you can’t go on that trip because you don’t have enough vacation days, you can’t afford it, it’s too far, it’s too foreign. JUST DO IT. Find a way. Take no reassurance that your decision will take you exactly where you want to go – but believe that you will end up where you need to be.

Someone once said that true courage is to keep on traveling when you can’t see the map. Make mistakes, learn from them, and relish in the knowledge that you hold the compass to your destiny. Stay true to your journey despite the doubts and insecurities you will inevitably encounter… and remember that, if used in the right way, your disobedience is bound to lead you home.

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