Nature and Vulnerability

We find in Nature the same qualities that we find in our creative, instinctual selves – the inexplicable, the limitless, the part that is unapologetic and determined to express itself to the world in full force. Just as it’s often said that the Divine manifests itself in Nature, our instinctive side asks us not to question why or how something is, but rather to have complete faith in our ability to move mountains when we will it so.

As we move through our hectic lives, please remember how much Nature replenishes the soul. We built magnificent cities, but Nature built us. While the city wears us down, takes from us, and returns little beyond superficial values and monetary awards, Nature has the power to strip us down without making us feel helplessly naked. It is a delicious vulnerability that, if we are courageous enough to accept and welcome, inspires the most sincere of thoughts. Nature paves a gateway to our soul, where at the door we may find that the battlefield scars that reside within – which we may have previously deemed ugly and unworthy of examination – are in fact strikingly beautiful for their resilience and ability to shape us.

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