What’s the “Right” Amount Of Vulnerable?

What is the “right” amount of vulnerability to share with your audience?

I get it. You’re purpose-driven, and you love what you do. As a result, you want nothing more than to be open and share what’s on your heart with your audience.

Not to mention, you have a lot of pieces of your story that you feel would be valuable for your tribe.

But the doubts keep on coming.

  • “What if people don’t want to hear what I have to say?”
  • “What if this offends someone?”
  • “What if I come off like I’m asking for attention?”

Or worse…

“What if I share this deep, intimate part of myself and no one cares… or judge me for it?”

So instead of fully facing this discomfort, you run back to your head for safety.

This means, a LOT of overthinking starts to happen:

About what you need to share with your audience, who your “ideal avatar” is, how you need to structure it.

Here’s the thing…

Fixating on the “HOW” is a safety mechanism to avoid WHY you’re so damn uncomfortable being vulnerable in the first place.

As I tell my clients:

The “right” amount of vulnerability is the depth at which you’re willing to meet yourself and be seen by others.

You can’t take people deeper than you’re willing to go for yourself.

It’s possible to be extremely open and vulnerable with your audience.

When you do, the next step is your willingness to be seen by others in that space. Which can take some time. It starts with the people you trust, and expands into your audience.

My point being:

  1. Stop pressuring yourself for not being vulnerable enough.
  2. But also, don’t hide from yourself just because it feels scary.
  3. Lean into what’s uncomfortable. Meet yourself in that space with the same compassion and understanding that you’d like to receive from others.
  4. Share from that place. That’s what will make your vulnerability powerful, and transformative to those who experience it.

But you MUST be willing to meet yourself at that level, to hold and love yourself fully for the very thing you’re afraid of sharing. That’s what makes you invulnerable.

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