How to Stand Out and Magnetize Your Dream Clients with your Irresistible Story

Let me guess...

Since you've landed on this page, I might already know a few things about you:


    You’ve got that niggling feeling that you’re meant for “something more”.  You want to help, inspire, and empower change in the world…
    But there is that whisper of fear tapping you on the shoulder making you reconsider and question whether or not your story is something even worth sharing


    You’ve read, seen, and perhaps heard about the importance of telling your “story”.
    But the thought of that has you already feeling overwhelmed, because you have no idea where to even start.


    You want to magnetize your dream clients (those who will actually pay you what you’re truly worth). Where they’ll say things like “... it’s like you’re speaking to me!”, and “when can we start?!” 
    But you feel stuck when it comes to finding your voice and lost when it comes to knowing what to say that will help you stand out.


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What if I told you that in less than 1 hour, you’ll not only walk away knowing how to pull together and tell your story in a way that connects and speaks to your audience, but also the exact framework (one that I share and teach with my VIP coaching clients and am only making available now to you, for the very first time) to help you structure and start sharing your story?

Well, for the very first time, I’d love to invite you to join me in this FREE fifty-minute masterclass, where I’ll share with you:

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    A 5-step proprietary framework:

    I have created and have refined over the years to help my private coaching clients (such as the likes of Manifestation Babe, and Amy Porterfield) to not only authentically and unapologetically tell their most compelling brand story, but help them create that stand-out factor in their industry.

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    The 3 must-ask questions you must answer before writing your brand story:

    AKA the antidote to your brand story paralysis, this will help you cut out the noise and the fluff, and be laser clear on that one message the world needs to hear from you.

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    My #1 secret to crafting a story that builds connection and converts:

    Learn my best kept secret to help you instantly captivate and create an emotional connection with your audience. The result? Having your audience say things like: “It’s like you’re speaking to me!” and There’s just something about you… I need to work with you!”;

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    Reframing those limiting beliefs:

    Together we’ll identify and reframe those niggling limiting beliefs that are blocking you from sharing your story to the world, and holding you back from amplifying your impact and playing big. 


Uncovering your unique story is key to not only help you magnetize your dream clients (you know, those who will actually pay you what you’re truly worth!), but it has the power to help you stand out and become the go-to in your industry.
So what do you say?

Are you ready to step into your truth, tell your brand story unapologetically, and confidently - without the wobbles?
Cause here’s the truth...

If you don’t own your story, it will own you.


Here’s to telling your most epic story. 

Celinne x 

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Why should you pay attention to what I have to say?

Hi, I’m Celinne Da Costa.

Speaker, Author, Story Alchemist and transformation mindset coach dedicated to helping visionaries like you, not only tell, but become the greatest story you’ve ever told.

Stories are everywhere around us. It’s what connected us as humans throughout history and generations, and it’s what we’ll eventually leave behind as legacies. 

And while today we see and read so much about the power of storytelling in the world of marketing and advertising, the “story” work that I focus on with my clients and students goes deeper, for it transcends dimensions. 

It’s about syncing our inner narrative (the story we tell and believe in ourselves) with our outer narrative (the story we share with our audience and to the world). Because when you let go of that armor, step into your truth, and become unapologetically aligned to your purpose, impact and legacy? 

That’s when your story is not only told and shared, but embodied and consciously lived. 

Over the last 5+ years, my work in amplifying my purpose has been published in the likes of Forbes, Entrepreneur, HuffPost, Business Insider, Thrive Global and TedX.