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When it comes to showing up online, there’s two types of entrepreneurs:

You’re either a Story Novice:

  • You hired the branding experts or followed the branding program to a tee
  • Your social and website looks gorgeous
  • The words you’re telling sound beautiful and like they “should”

BUT… behind the scenes you’re dealing with:

  • Difficult or misaligned clients or team members who are draining to work with
  • Brand confusion (because the story you’re telling isn’t really conveying the true depth of what you really do)
  • Attracting clients & opportunities that want to work on things you don’t actually want to be working on
  • Overwhelm from over efforting in your content creation, without seeing satisfying results 
  • Revenue plateaus or drops because your brand story isn’t reflecting the true worth of your work

If you’re in the Story Novice phase, I know how frustrating this vicious cycle can be. 

When your story isn’t reflecting
who you really are in every aspect, you’re going to attract people and opportunities misaligned with the work that’s your zone of genius. You’ll also attract people who don’t want to pay the true worth of your work or who think investing in you means they now own your body and soul. This can keep you stuck doing unfulfilling work, or worse, under-earning. 


But the reason you’re stuck in the cycle is because you’ve got subconscious blocks that prevent you from showing your full self and telling your most powerful (and lucrative) stories.

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Then, there’s the Embodied Story business owners. They’ve:


  • taken the time to go deep into themselves and pull out their most aligned & powerful story


  • cleared their biggest subconscious blocks & fears preventing their most lucrative stories being told


  • aligned with their true message so they can attract ideal clients


  • learned the tools for masterful communication that will draw more clients, money, and impact to their businesses


  • come out the other side with a powerful, impactful story that becomes other people’s survival guide

I’m Celinne, and for the last few years I’ve helped people go from Story Novices to Embodied Story Tellers that can attract more clients, wealth & impact through mastering their stories.

I show high achieving entrepreneurs how to stop being subconsciously controlled by their past; and instead unlock their true story and self-worth to build aligned, purpose-filled, and impactful businesses—without spending years in therapy or overdosing on personal development courses.

I've contributed to and have been featured in major international publications, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, HuffPost, Business Insider, Thrive Global, and TEDx, and have a loyal tribe of 70,000+ dreamers following my work around the world.

As for qualifications? I'm a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Breathwork Practitioner, also certified in Life, Motivational, and Emotional Intelligence coaching. I've worked with a range of 6, 7, 8, and 9 figure clients across 20+ countries, including some of the top experts in their field.


Today’s online space makes it easy to think sharing your story with the world is as easy as running it through a three step formula, creating great copy, and posting it across all your channels with the right strategy.

Problem is, all the stories start to sound the same. And then they sell you a course telling you you can have their life too if you purchase it. 

Real talk. I know this because I used to tell my story like this online, too. It got me likes and comments, sure, but not from people who wanted to buy from me. And even if they did, I’d attract people who wanted the shiny life but not do the deeper work necessary to get it. I was attracting misaligned clients and my income was stagnating because I didn’t have the energy to show up fully for what I was doing.

That is, until I MAJORLY burned out within two years of starting my business -- and even though I’d quickly scaled it to multi six figures, I realized that I wasn’t being true to myself or addressing the untold stories that I was hiding in my subconscious… the stories that kept me in a loop of feeling unworthy, small, and insignificant no matter how many press features I got or money I made.

It was then that I realized -- the story you tell the world starts with the story you tell YOURSELF. And until you master that story… no amount of income, recognition, or followers are going to help you feel like your story matters or show you how you can use it to truly impact people. 

Truth is, you have so many incredible stories inside of you waiting to be told. Stories that don’t sound like every single other story you see online. Stories beyond the tired “rags to riches” and “quit my job and travel the world” ones.

Stories that, if told, would make you stand out amongst a sea of cookie-cutter novices online and create a truly unique, magnetic brand that gets you the clients, publicity and money you want.

If you want to show up in the world and tell a story so authentic, so powerful, and so impactful that you will naturally attract more dream clients, visibility opportunities, and money into your life, then listen up.

Here’s a few symptoms you’re not currently telling a powerful story:

  • Creating content feels like a dreadful process (plus, your audience isn’t really engaging which is demotivating AF) 
  • You can’t shake the feeling that you’re hiding important bits of your story from your audience… and yourself 
  • You’re self-aware enough to know you have mindset blocks keeping you from having what you want, but you’re not sure how to overcome them 
  • You’re more consumed by the stress and overwhelm of doing all the things, than you are excited about showing up in your own business 
  • You feel you’ve hit a plateau mentally, spiritually, and/or financially… and no amount of strategies seem to make a change

Think about what the most successful people in the world have in common: they know how to tell a powerful story.

We’re talking about the Steve Jobs’, Oprah’s, Richard Branson’s, Elon Musks’s of the world… love them or hate them, you know who they are. You have an idea of what they’ve gone through and the hoops they had to jump through in order to become the mavericks they are today.

They’ve built legacy brands and million (and billion) dollar businesses around their STORY, and impacted millions of people as a result.

And whether you aspire to do the same or not, you would probably like to have:

  • check-gold-celinne

    an audience who loves, trusts, and buys from you,

  • check-gold-celinne

    content so good that it grabs the attention of well-known podcast hosts and journalists, 

  • check-gold-celinne

    and charge the rates you want and deserve for your offers, right?

That’s what my Master Your Story Group Program is for.

To guide you through the journey of unlocking your inner magnetism, embodying the truest and most authentic story you have to tell, and then telling that to the world in a way that’s aligned with your mission and generates results for your business.

Look, I know you have a story to tell. We all do. So the real question is, how can you use that story to grow yourself as a leader in your space, scale your brand and business to new levels of success, and impact thousands (or maybe millions?) while you’re at it?


Make no mistake, this is a JOURNEY. And it looks like this:

Mecca of Brand Strategy 3

During our time together, I’ll be walking you through these three key phases, which are all captured in my signature Brand Story Mecca ™ framework:

1. Inner Clarity & Subconscious Reprogramming

If you want to join my program, but are unwilling to look within yourself or reprogram your mind so you can make empowering, aligned decisions on autopilot… then this is not for you. And I can tell you now, you’re not going to get very far in your brand story or get the sort of results my committed clients and students get (such as scaling from 6 to 7 figures within months, getting featured in major media such as Forbes, TEDx, and Business Insider, or multi 5-figure launches).

This IS for you if you’re ready to stop hiding from yourself, and to cut the bullshit you’re likely telling yourself about why you can’t have the brand and business you want, right now

To tell your story in a way that will get you and your business noticed in a BIG way, you have to clear the mindset blocks currently in your way. I’m talking about the limiting beliefs, self-management behaviors, patterns, and stories holding you back from showing up as your most magnetic self (part of my 4 Key Principles To Inner Magnetism™, which I teach in the program). Otherwise you’ll continue doubting that your story is not good enough, feeling impostor’s syndrome and backing down whenever you’re close to striking gold, constantly feel insecure about the content you’re putting out, or easily getting triggered by other people’s uninformed opinions. Which is no bueno.

2. Story Embodiment & Creation

Once the crap that’s been keeping your vision cloudy is out of the way, we can finally create clarity and alignment so that you know and understand your story so deeply, that you can scream it from the rooftops… no matter what anyone else thinks or says.

To get to this point, you’ll need to go through my Story Embodiment Formula™, where I walk you through how to extract your deepest “why,” your vision, and your values from your subconscious and use this wisdom to shape your brand and business.

This is how you create a powerful story from the inside out and start practicing what you preach. The problem with a lot of business owners out there is that they say one thing and then they do another, and people can feel that. That’s not what we’re doing here.

We’re getting you crystal clear on why you’re doing any of this in the first place, what truly matters to you, and how you can leverage your Truth, authenticity, and story to attract the right people and opportunities. By this point, you’ll become magnetic and you’ll know that you’re there because you’ll feel it (say hello to embodying the story you’ve always wanted to tell but couldn’t!).

3. Tell Your Story & Amplify It To The World

Now that you truly understand the story you need to tell (and got rid of the story you think you need to tell because of old and disempowering subconscious programs that you were holding onto for dear life before taking this program 😉), we can dive straight into strategies and techniques for how to create a brand story that will monetize and grow your visibility. Hurray!

You’ll learn my frameworks to telling a story that nails it, every time. How you can show up online or in person and tell a story that’s so juicy, so captivating, and so impactful that you’ll put your audience in a wide-eyed, “I can’t stop listening to this” kind of trance (I may or may not be slipping in a few NeuroLinguistic Programming and Conversational Hypnosis techniques in there…).

You’ll learn my process for crafting your own signature Hero’s Journey that you can use for years to come, and instantly repurpose to write your About Me, media bio, speaking gig and webinar intro, and more.

You’ll also learn how to create a customized Story Bank of unlimited stories that are 100% aligned with your Truth so you never run out of ideas to create content again (yes, you read that right).

All of that, PLUS ample guest expert trainings from top people in the industry teaching you how you can use your story to sell out your launches, manifest your dream life (without the fluffy bullshit, I promise), sell high-ticket offers, and get featured in first-tier media.

Basically: when it comes to how to actually go out there and tell your story in a powerful way, I won’t leave you hanging.

A few nuts and bolts (aka What You Get):

  • check-gold-celinne

    9 group coaching calls with Celinne (me) or top guest experts

    In these 90-minute sessions, you can ask us all your burning questions and receive personal coaching assistance to implement your knowledge into action that moves the needle and gets you results.

  • check-gold-celinne

    Lifetime access to my signature Master Your Story online training

    Receive weekly video training modules so you have all the knowledge and strategies you need at your fingertips! I’m constantly refreshing the content and adding trainings, so you’re up-to-date with new material... at no additional cost.

  • check-gold-celinne

    No fluff, action-packed workbooks full of the same exercises and tools I use with my 7, 8, and 9 figure clients

    With every module, you’ll receive a workbook to turn your knowledge into action so you can create the income, visibility, and impact that you desire.

  • check-gold-celinne

    Access to Master Your Story bonus and early bird trainings

    Learn from top experts in the industry with recorded trainings on everything from using your story to sell out your launch, to crafting your killer media pitch to growing your social media by hundreds (or thousands and beyond).

  • check-gold-celinne

    Full access to Master Your Story Bonus Vault (including 10+ hours of training videos that you don't see on this sales page!)

    Get exclusive access to my bonus training material, including a masterclass on how to reprogram your mind to break through any fear, a guide to the swipe copy I used for a past $50K launch, and more!

  • check-gold-celinne

    Peer Facebook community with team support

    Receive constant support, accountability, and motivation from a tight-knit group of like-minded badass entrepreneurs.


IMPORTANT: This group coaching program only opens doors 2-3 times a year and spots are very limited, so make sure to apply or get on the waitlist so you don’t miss your opportunity to join the next round.

If you’ve gotten to this point and you’re still not convinced whether this is the right fit for you, there’s little more I can write. Your next step is to take a look at what my past students experienced in the testimonials below, and if you’re feeling like this might be the program for you, click the button below to apply.

ALSO IMPORTANT: Please do not apply for shits and giggles. I want serious applicants only. If you’re ready to take control of your destiny and tell a story that will change the way you see yourself and your business, then let’s have a conversation and come ready to have your current views of reality rocked. Just sayin… I’m busy, you’re busy, and ain’t nobody got time for anything less than a transformation 😉

What my students experienced...


Bryan Douglas Ballard Owner of Urban Oasis Landscaping


Master Your Story

Group Coaching Program

I will be running this program live with some of the top experts in the industry.

You don’t want to miss out on the chance to unleash your most powerful, authentic, and profitable story in 2020.

This is an on-going program, and the minimum commitment is the 3-month Accelerator.








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