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How To Shift Your Message And Lead With Heart During Times of CrisisMasterclass with Celinne Da Costa April 29, 10:00 AM EST

**If you can’t make it live, a 48-hour replay will be provided**

Wow! What just happened? It seems like in the span of a few weeks, everything did a 180 and the world isn’t the same.

Here’s how you might be feeling right now about life & business:



    “Do I have to change all of my messaging now? Where do I even start with that?”



    “What the f*ck do I say about this to my audience?!”



    “Screw this, it’s all going to hell anyway, might as well just fold.”



    “I’ll just wait til this passes, there will be time to work on this later.” 



    “What if I say the wrong thing/am insensitive and piss a bunch of people off? Better to stay quiet and hope no one notices.”



    “Seriously? All of this stuff is coming up strong for me right now and I have to put myself out there and be a leader on top of everything??”

Yes, feel your feelings. That’s important.  But then what?

You can sit on your ass and mull over all these emotions OR you can start finding ways to take action and find the solution. Because this isn’t going to go away.

Eventually, you’re going to run out of food, toilet paper, and patience with your family, and no Netflix binge is going to fix this.

You just have to roll up your sleeves and get it done.

And it STARTS with pivoting your STORY.

During this time everyone is vomiting their shit onto the internet, creating more panic and more pandemonium. People are looking for leaders to guide them, tell them what they need to do next, show them why this isn’t the end of the world, and bring back some normalcy into their lives. And with love, that is why you need to get over yourself. Because this is bigger than you.

You’re still stressed out. You’re still engaging in the same behaviors. The way you’re engaging and going about isn’t working and it’s not supposed to be working because circumstances have changed.

The way you’re used to marketing and branding yourself isn’t going to work anymore.

That’s what worked a month ago. We’re in a completely different world now with a whole new set of rules.  That means you have to market, brand, and tell your story in a whole new way, too.

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Sign up now! Spots are limited


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    Change your mindset

    If you’re continuing to panic, not being resourceful, and not empowering yourself to grow in this moment, no cute caption you write on Instagram is going to help you. There’s no strategy for this. We’re in a new world. You have to stop scrambling externally for answers when your pivoted message can only come from inside of YOU.

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    Change your story 

    Figure out what is and isn’t working. Parts of your story will be relevant now more than ever… other parts need to go away. Your story is meant to evolve with your growth and environment. Make sure you stay ahead of the curve and share a story that’s true to you while also touching people’s hearts.

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    Change your circumstance

    When you do this work on yourself to shift yourself to tell a more powerful story, it’s your responsibility to give this back to your community… that gets you customer loyalty and people paying you.

More than ever, you need to understand who you are as a brand, what you stand for, and how that needs to change right now. No sales funnel or freebie or free challenge is going to save you.You’re going to save you.

So let’s stop fucking around and get this done.

To make sure you get this done NOW I invite you to join my virtual masterclass:


How To Shift Your Message And Lead With Heart During Times of CrisisApril 29, 10:00 AM EST

In this 90-minute virtual Masterclass, I’ll be sharing the Four Key Principles you need to act on now in order for you to get yourself to the place where you can pivot your story, refine it, and share it with your audience in a way that makes an impact for them and moves the needle in your business.

This is not a bandaid, this is a solution. 

The world’s going to hand you another doozy. After this, something else is going to come up. That’s life.

This is the art of being able to make this shift in your branding ANY TIME. Knowing what and how to do-- from here on out.

**If you can’t make it live, a 48-hour replay will be provided**

Sign up now! Spots are limited

Sign up now! Spots are limited