1:1 Coaching with Celinne

It's time to wake up to the power of your own story.

So that you can embody a premium brand, become known for your gifts, and impact people's lives through your service… all while living into your highest possible soul destiny.

Ready to transform from the inside out?


Dear visionary, I see you.

You are a heart-led, passionate, and
ambitious leader who pours your soul
into all that you do.

Whether it be your business, your relationship, your family, or your personal development you don't take growth lightly.

Since you were young, you've known deep in your gut that you were put on this earth to create something much bigger than you could have ever imagined.

So you got to it, and have spent most of your life working hard to build the extraordinary life you dreamed of, breaking the limits of what everyone else said wasn't possible, and helping as many people as you can along the way.

The evidence of your success is all around you: the piling list of accolades and achievements, the people telling you how much you changed their lives, the cash rolling into your bank account.

What else can I say? You're a goddamn supernova on the verge of exploding your magic all over the Universe and deep down, you know it.

The problem?

Even though you intellectually know that what I'm saying is true, you're not acting like it.

Instead of fully owning your worth and leading from that space, you find yourself engaging in not-so-great habits like…

  • Constantly downplaying your own abilities by playing the endless comparison game with your peers and questioning yourself
  • Overworking yourself to do more and achieve more, even though you're fully aware that self-care and happiness are key pillars to your long-term success (also hi… you're re-creating the very prison you worked so hard to escape from)
  • Pendulating between feeling amazing about yourself and all that you've built, to questioning whether the direction you're going in is what you "really want"… which, let's be real, is driving the people around you nuts
  • Creating fires to put out and problems to fix every time things get too comfortable, because subconsciously you don't believe you're deserving of the peace and greatness
  • Even though anyone on the outside looking in would say you're confident and successful… impostor's syndrome and self-doubt is consuming you on the inside
  • Having a deep knowing that you have a powerful mission to share, but constantly overthinking and over-editing your message out of fear that it won't "come out right"
  • Doing tons of inner work and not understanding why you're still so f*cking stuck. You're self-aware… you're doing the mindset exercises and can name all your problems and limiting beliefs… so why can't you just snap out of the confusion and overwhelm?

I know your ego may have cringed when reading the above and know that I'm calling you out with so much love, because the first step to quantum transformation is the willingness to face reality as it is, not as we wish it to be.

My life's mission is to help brilliant, visionary changemakers like you step into your full, authentic expression and own the power of your story

So that you can step into the next level of your soul's highest expression, get seen by the right people who need to hear your message, and create a premium brand that, through your mission and values, will quite frankly raise planetary consciousness.

Yes, I'm serious about this. And if you're still with me, I know you are, too.

You are here to grow a business that will change people's lives, become an influential leader in your space, and design an extraordinary life that is in full alignment with your mission and life's purpose.

I am here to support you in becoming the most authentically expressed, self-actualized version of yourself, to turn your most far-away dreams into reality, and shatter any limiting conditioning that gets in your way… without compromising an ounce of your integrity.

This path is yours to claim. So let's begin.

You've been waiting your entire life for this.


Here's how you'll know that

coaching 1:1 with me is for you:

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    You're ready to create profound transformations in your life.

    When you commit to this work, know that your life is going to look completely different on the other side. And also know, it is going to be up to YOU to make that happen as I support you.

    We will be creating a sacred container where I will hold space for you to show up big for your vision. Clients who have gone through my process went on to scale dream businesses, publish best-selling books, share their story on a Tony Robbins stage in front of 10,000 people, get featured in huge media like Forbes, speak at TEDx, have multiple 6-figure launches, and more.

    Anything is possible for you, and I will remind you of that regularly.

  • icon-two

    Regardless of where you're at now, you want to be recognized as a key leader in your industry (and act like it).

    I'm going to cut to the chase. I know you want the recognition you love the high of being acknowledged for your amazing work, having an engaged audience, the invitations to share your expertise on stage, the top influencers in your space knowing who you are. There is nothing to be ashamed by for wanting that and you can absolutely have it.

    I've had many clients go on to become highly recognized thought leaders in their industry. Here's what you need to know, though: we do this from a soul-centered place, and not to please your ego.

    I am not here to blow smoke up your ass or show you how to "hack" your way into accolades you didn't earn; I am here to empower you to step into your full leadership, embody your soul's mission, and take everyday action that makes the world a better place.

  • icon-three

    You want to work with someone who's not only been through the process themselves, but has a track record of helping others through this as well.

    When you go private with me, you're also getting access to thousands of hours of embodied expertise in neurolinguistic programming, nervous system regulation, breathwork, hypnotherapy, emotional intelligence and life coaching, trauma-informed somatics work, shamanic energy healing, and more...

    The tools and processes I teach are tailored to you and your specific needs.

    In other words, you have me in your corner and the breakthroughs will come so long as you're willing to show up for the process.

  • icon-four

    You want to be seen, held, supported, and guided without compromising your true self and soul's mission... ever.

    You're ready to let go of the hustle and mental constructs that to be more, you have to "do" more. You want to drop the character armor and show up as the real you not the version of you that society has conditioned you to be.

    I don't believe in sacrificing one important area of your life so that you can have another, or waiting for the next achievement to be checked off so that you can have what you want. You get to be paid deliciously for what you do, help people as you're doing it, and feel really damn good about yourself every step of the way.

  • icon-five

    You want to build strong energetic foundations for your business and relationships.

    I call this becoming "unshakable." Rather than being in a reactive state of doing whatever you think you need to do next only to have it fall apart like a deck of cards down the line we establish strong roots in your why, vision, values, and mission so that everything you build comes from that place.

    We build up your skills in authentic relating, emotional management, subconscious reconditioning, and conscious leadership so that you have the capacity and resilience to handle any challenge that comes your way. You'll walk away with a toolkit that will last you for a lifetime.

  • icon-six

    You're not afraid to do the inner work and will rise to the occasion when challenged.

    I take my role as your guide seriously and you, out of all people, know that growth lies outside of your comfort zone. I will call you out, point out your bloodspots, and challenge you to rise beyond your self-imposed limitations. I will hold up the mirror and help you clear whatever is getting in the way of your brilliance, and that will require the willingness to look on your end.

    Although I do it all lovingly, know that this is not the container for you if you're more committed to keeping your past victim stories than to self-actualizing into your fullest potential.

  • icon-seven

    You understand the energetic value of a big investment and are committed to showing up 100%.

    I remember when I hired my first long-term mentor. It was $50k (way more than what I could afford back then) and I held my best friend's hand in tears as I hit "submit" on my $20k deposit.

    It was terrifying, but I knew in my gut that this was the support I needed to get to my next level. I made the investment back 30 days later.

    While I am not guaranteeing you'll get an immediate return on this investment (that's up to you), know that big things will happen when you commit to your transformation.

This is the highest, deepest, and most VIP level of mentorship I can provide.

When you enter this sacred container, you'll start the journey of shedding your old conditioning and stepping into your truth, a.k.a. the highest expression of who you truly are at your core, so that you can:

  • Unleash your fullest expression and unapologetically share your most powerful story with the world, instead of hiding behind what others expect from you.
  • Build a soul-driven business that feels fulfilling and gives you the results you desire.
  • Feel worthy of the incredible life and business you've built, instead of subconsciously self-sabotaging every time things are going well.
  • Become a courageous and confident leader with the skillset to alchemize pain into power and handle any challenge that comes your way.
  • Become the author of your own story by knowing how to identify and release past disempowering conditioning, and instead train your subconscious to make empowering, aligned decisions on autopilot.

Let's do a quick soul check-in….

Are you done with downplaying your worth, having your decisions be unknowingly influenced by outdated subconscious stories, and showing up as a shadow of who you really are?

More importantly, are you ready to drop that nonsense and instead take a step towards your soul's destiny so you can become the best story you've ever told?

You know what to do.

How we work Together:

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    1 Deep Dive Intensive Session

    To get crystal clear on your big vision, cut through the chaos, and create a tailored, customized plan for what the journey ahead looks like

  • vendor-icon

    Daily Voxer access

    For fast brainstorming, Q & A, and in-between support, with a reasonable response time

  • video-call-icon

    up to 3 sessions with me a month

    So we can laser focus on what you need, quantum leap past your roadblocks, and give you next action steps to speed ahead

  • device-icon

    Access to the full membership site

    Including all my courses and trainings, for the duration of your mentorship

  • record-icon

    Recordings of our calls

    So you don't miss any insights, and can receive new codes every time you revisit your breakthroughs.

  • notes-icon

    Feedback & strategies

    Recommended resources, and action items as needed

Your Investment:


4-hour Virtual Deep-Dive

Story Alchemy Mentorship

6 Months Coaching

Story Embodiment Accelerator

3 Months Coaching


Please note: I will be reviewing each application and selecting the applicants that I feel are best for private coaching. You will be my main focus in this mentorship, so I only want committed individuals who are ready to roll up their sleeves, take action, and do whatever it takes to step into the next level of their brilliance.

Celinne is very efficient and hands-on: we got a lot done every session and she helped me outline how to actually apply the insights into my life.

As a result of our work together, I’m creating a website/video/logo to reflect my new elevated brand and I’ve been featured on Thrive Global. My brand message is consistently reaching my potential clients, and I have a better understanding of how I can express myself while addressing universal truths and best serving my clients.

Case Studies


Meet Celinne Da Costa

Celinne Da Costa is a Master Coach and brand story expert for CEOs, executives, and leaders.

After leaving her successful career as a brand strategist in corporate New York City to travel the world and design life on her own terms, Celinne rapidly grew her coaching company by helping changemakers tap into their authentic truth and build magnetic brands through authentic relating, unapologetic self-expression, and conscious leadership.

Celinne's work has been featured all over the world, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and TEDx. She's worked with top industry leaders, Fortune 200 companies, and thousands of business owners in 50+ countries who are committed to becoming the best possible versions of themselves and unlocking their most powerful story from within.

Her work offers a unique mix of several healing and neuroscience-based modalities including Master-Neurolinguistic Programming, Conscious Connected Breathwork, Holistic Healing Hypnotherapy, and Life, Motivational, and Emotional Intelligence Coaching, which she uses to help her clients create breakthroughs.

Celinne is passionate about helping visionary leaders let go of the old stories of their past, step into their full power, and not only tell but become the greatest story they've ever told so that they can impact more people, become influential leaders in their industry, and grow a legacy brand that's in alignment to their soul's purpose.