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An on-demand, digital experience to help you craft & embody a magnetic, authentic brand story—skyrocketing your income, visibility, and reach.

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School of Story is the first of its kind -- in this course, you will dig deep into who you really are, what your true message is, and the strategies for how you can share that message with the world.  

You’ll create a powerful, signature brand story and embody that story - then consistently create content that reflects your story and pushes the envelope forward in your business.

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The School of Story program is made up of five core modules including:

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    How to Slay Your Mindset

    Get clear on what’s “under your hood” - including the fears and concerns that hold you back, so you can stop self-sabotaging and start getting your story into the world.

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    Know your Story from the Inside-Out

    Accessing the confidence, clarity and alignment you need to craft a story worth sharing.

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    Create a Bank of Stories

    Unlock a never-ending bank of stories so you never run out of captivating stories to tell. Content creation will become much easier and fun for you!

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    Your Unforgettable Signature Story

    Craft your authentic & captivating story that moves your audience to action… even if you feel like it’s too big, complex or all over the place. 

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    Transforming your Story Into Profit, Visibility and Impact

    Turn your story into tangible results for your brand and business. I’ll share ways you can start using your story to capture your audience’s attention and wallets!

School of Story also includes:

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    Multi-Million Dollar Brand Story Case Study

    Peek behind-the-scenes of my work with the founder of a $100M company - building out his magnetic & authentic brand story.

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    Celinne’s Brand Story Breakdown

    An all-access video that breaks down my personal brand story, how I crafted it, and how it supports and organically grows my business. 

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    Winning Caption Formula

    A swipe file of compelling captions that I have used to sell-out my programs and attract high-ticket clients. These captions compel and convert.

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    Viral Brand Stories

    A series of brand story samples that I’ve crafted for my clients that turned into viral Forbes articles and generated hundreds of thousands of dollars, catapulting their business into next-level success. 

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    Monetize your Story Guest Training

    A special guest instructor will teach you how to productize and monetize your brand story - turning your authentic brand into maximum profit.