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-- Behind-The-Scenes Access to My $50K Launch Copy Guide

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When you craft your magnetic & authentic brand story, you’ll magically know what to put into every piece of launch content so that your audience can truly understand and FEEL the experience that you’re selling!

Hi, I’m Celinne Da CostaI show visionaries who desire to be recognised as leaders in their industry how to tap into the story they have and want to tell without changing who they are… So they can unlock their true story and self-worth to build aligned, purpose-filled, and impactful businesses – without spending years in therapy or overdosing on personal development courses.

I've contributed to and have been featured in major international publications, including ForbesEntrepreneurHuffPostBusiness InsiderThrive Global, and TEDx, and have a loyal tribe of 70,000+ dreamers following my work around the world.

I've helped a range of 6, 7, 8, and 9 figure clients across 20+ countries tell their magnetic and authentic brand story.

And today is your turn!


Before we begin, let’s chat a bit about...Why is storytelling important in business?

It’s a scientific fact: human beings love stories. Stories are 22x more memorable than facts. Our brains are genetically wired to perk up, pay attention, remember, and take action when information is presented in the form of a story…. our brains literally produce feel-good chemicals that affect our behavior when listening to a good story!

If you’ve ever lusted after someone else’s brand, wondering why they seem to know just the right things to say that captivate everyone’s attention, and why they seem to get all the opportunities…

…it’s not because of their products or services or business structure. 

It’s because of their STORY. 

I had multiple 50k+ course launches because of how I infuse my own story into every corner.

Your investment: $111

Get inspiration and direction for the stories you need to be telling and sell out your launch.

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Storytelling for Launches-- Behind-The-Scenes Access to My $50K Launch Copy

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  • A step by step breakdown of all of the emails I used for my challenge, webinar, and open-cart to achieve a 50k launch.

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  • Breakdown of my foolproof Story Embodiment Formula™  and how it will help you secure more clients & more cash by unlocking and communicating your true purpose.

Your investment: $111