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An on-demand, digital course to help you craft & embody a magnetic, authentic brand story—skyrocketing your income, visibility, and reach.

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Dear Burnt-Out High Achiever, I SEE YOU

You’re a hard-working entrepreneur, scraping that six-figure mark, but running yourself into the ground. Your business soaks up all of your focus and attention, and you’ve got brilliant ideas splattered all over the place. 

The only thing that feels good these days are those vanity metrics - the likes, the comments, the email subscribers ticking-up. 

But this kind of validation just feels empty, like you’re creating a facade to give people the illusion of success - because things behind the scenes... are kind of a hot mess.

You’ve been trying to tell your story for years - knowing it will help you clinch those bigger & better opportunities like profitable launches, media appearances, speaking at high-profile events. 

But your brand story, like ill-fitting jeans, never feels quite right. 

From the outside, it looks like you’re #killingit

But on the inside? You spend your days extinguishing fires instead of stepping into your true power. 

Truthfully, you still kinda feel like that awkward kid who never fit it—an outcast, an imposter, or a fraud.

You know you need to tell your brand story and put yourself out there in a more powerful way. 

But before you try on a shiny new brand story, and spend thousands of dollars on a new website, new professional photos, and new marketing copy - modeling what all the other coaches, consultants and online entrepreneurs are doing - take a step back... and pause. 

You can’t determine which brand story to tell the world and show up as a profitable & authentic superbrand without digging deep into who you really are and what your true message is.

So let’s whip out a fresh page and begin reworking your story, together. Sign up now and be the first notified when doors open! 

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ABOUT The Tell Your Brand Story Course

Tell Your Brand Story is my signature do-it-yourself course to guide you through the process of creating your irresistible, profitable, and deeply authentic brand story.

This brand story will last for years to come, and become the foundation that you can use to skyrocket your income, visibility, reach, and impact.

In this course, you will come away with a clear understanding of your brand essence, craft your signature brand story, discover how to tell consistently compelling stories that move people to action, and unlock more purpose and passion in your work.

Simply put: you’ll go from not being sure what your brand story is to have a powerful brand story you can share with the world, and show up as a profitable & authentic superbrand. 

Tell Your Brand Story unravels in three compelling phases:

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    PHASE ONE is creating the space for your story foundation.

    You’ll uncover the biggest mindset blocks and fears that are currently holding you back from feeling confident and clear in your story. You’ll also learn about the Four Key Principles To Inner Magnetism: beliefs, self-management, patterns, and stories. These four things either get in your way or get you where you want to be.

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    PHASE TWO is where the real work begins - your story embodiment.

    You’ll begin by tapping into your
    subconscious mind and extracting your deeper why (even if you’ve done work on your “why” in the past - it’s often not what you think!). Understanding your “why” is crucial to stay motivated and purpose-focused, whether you’re experiencing intoxicating highs or crushing lows, or anything in-between.

    Next, you’ll deeply understand the value of what you do by extracting those values from your
    subconscious for extreme clarity. Then, you’ll discover who needs to receive your powerful messaging (aka: your ideal audience) and unlock the true transformation you can provide to others.

    In this phase, you’ll unearth everything you need to build your brand story using a rock-solid foundation of who you are. This results in creating aligned, truthful messaging that strikes your ideal audience in the heart and moves them to action. 

    By embodying your brand story, you’ll become the story you want to tell and naturally practice what you preach. You can wave goodbye to imposter syndrome, and show up in the world feeling clear, confident, and aligned.

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    PHASE THREE is all about communicating your brand story.

    You’ll learn how to tell your signature brand story in five minutes (or less!) and use it as the backbone in every single business communication - whether it’s on your website, your professional bio, your speech, an interview with the media - essentially everywhere!

    You’ll also unlock a limitless bank of stories so you’ll never run out of content again. No more banging your head against the wall trying to come up with inspiring captions that just feel like fake, empty platitudes. 

    You will complete this course with a ready-to-market brand story to use immediately for building a raving fan base, pitching the media or high-profile speaking engagements, and selling your offers in a way that feels pleasurable - not pushy or sleazy.

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Tell Your Brand Story is the first of its kind -- in this course, you will dig deep into who you really are, what your true message is, and the strategies for how you can share that message with the world.  

You’ll create a powerful, signature brand story and embody that story - then consistently create content that reflects your story and pushes the envelope forward in your business.

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I’m Celinne Da Costa Brand Story & Mindset Coach, Writer, Speaker, World Explorer, and Magic-Maker

I show high achieving entrepreneurs how to stop being subconsciously controlled by their past; and instead unlock their true story and self-worth to build aligned, purpose-filled, and impactful businesses—without spending years in therapy or overdosing on personal development courses.

I've contributed to and have been featured in major international publications, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, HuffPost, Business Insider, Thrive Global, and TEDx, and have a loyal tribe of 70,000+ dreamers following my work around the world.

As for qualifications? I'm a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Breathwork Practitioner, also certified in Life, Motivational, and Emotional Intelligence coaching. I've worked with a range of 6, 7, 8, and 9 figure clients across 20+ countries, including some of the top experts in their field.


Tell Your Brand Story

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