The Nomad’s Oasis:

A Journey That Changed Everything

In May of 2016,  I embarked on a journey around the world that changed me in ways I could have never imagined.

By then, I was working in corporate America for three years, and I could feel my soul slowly wilting. I was starved for purpose, freedom of being, and most importantly, for real human connection.

A series of eerily timed events forced my eyes open to the reality that if I didn’t do something, I would remain stuck in someone else’s dream. Desperate for change, I entertained a crazy thought:

What if I designed a life that incorporated all my passions, and just started living it?

Six months later, I left my life in New York City with a one-way ticket to Europe and a mission to create a life that I would be hungry to wake up to, every single day.

I designed a social experiment in which I circumnavigated the globe by exclusively staying with people with whom I shared a human connection.

It was couch-surfing, with a twist: I never used the website. Everyone who hosted me was connected to someone I had met in person at some point.

After almost a year of travel, an astonishing 70+ hosts in 20+ countries across five continents opened their homes to me, with the furthest connection being seven degrees removed from me. Not only that, they fed, nurtured, encouraged, and advised me; during our time together, they shared with me their wisdom, dreams, fears, and deepest insecurities.

By letting me into their homes and their hearts, these incredible humans helped me along my path and unlocked a love for humanity that I didn’t even know existed.

The Nomad’s Oasis was an experiment in human kindness and connection.

In this day and age, most of us are walking around completely disconnected from one another, living behind our screens, having more “friends” than we can count yet hardly seeing them in real life.

We go about our busy lives, increasingly alienated from ourselves and from others as we fill every minute of our days chasing success, money, recognition, and material goods. Yet in the end, there is an acute sense of unfulfillment puncturing many people’s hearts, because no amount of any of those things will ever satisfy our most fundamental human need: to feel connected.

The Nomad’s Oasis documents the life-changing journey I’ve taken to become the architect of my own life, as well as the bits of wisdom from people I encountered around the world who taught me that being human is an art, and this life is our canvas.


My book, The Art of Being Human, is a collection of short stories documenting my journey around the world. I explore questions including:

What would life be like if we were aware of the tiny miracles that envelop our present moment? If we took a moment of our day to listen – really listen – to somebody and realize that every single person on this planet has something to teach us? What if we woke up every day with a shared appetite for life, experiences, and adventure? What would it mean for us and for others, if we were able to pursue what set our souls on fire?


My journey taught me that we are indeed capable of living our lives to the fullest, and we don’t have to do it alone.

When we listen to our heart and become active
participants in our lives, the answers come… often from everyday people who are unaware of their own brilliance.

From a stranger we meet in an airport to a passing conversation we had with a friend, these moments of connection bring with them the opportunity to uncover the oasis that exists within each one of us: that internal space that, when found, allows us to meet our kindred spirits, rediscover ourselves, and manifest our dreams.


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The Art of Being Human:

Celinne’s Journey Around The World.



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