🎥 Why An Emotional Processing Practice Is Key To High-Performance In Your Business

Very simply put… your unprocessed emotions have the power to hijack your rational mind completely.

Emotional processing is a tool that every single human being must learn to master in their lifetime.

(Just so we’re on the same page – I define emotional processing as the ability to process specific and intense feelings and move past them so that they don’t develop into phobias or other mental or physical issues).

Unfortunately, this skillset is not taught enough in mainstream education.

No matter where you are in your journey, having an emotional regulation practice is so important to cultivate into your daily routine because the damage of not doing this work is just too great.

There are a few things you need to know about the emotional body:

👉 Your emotions govern your subconscious mind, which makes up 95% of our reality

👉 Humans make most purchasing decisions on EMOTIONS, and justify them with logic

👉 Your emotions (= energy in motion) have been proven to have a direct correlation to disease… that’s why when you’re super stressed / upset / angry, your immune system drops and issues can start to manifest in your physical body (like getting sick)

Very simply put… your unprocessed emotions have the power to hijack your rational mind completely.

That’s why when you’re really “emotional” (i.e. angry, sad, upset, etc), you tend to make irrational decisions or react in ways you may later regret.

When you learn to process and regulate your emotional body, you’ll not only feel more stable and at peace internally, but you’ll be able to show up with more clarity in your life and business because the emotions will no longer be clouding your ability to think rationally.

If you’ve ever studied somatic work or mind-body connection (The Body Keeps The Score is an amazing book to get started on this), you know that understanding your emotions and how to move them through your body is KEY to your mental and physical wellbeing.

If you’re interested in learning more about emotional processing, and to see some exercises of what this could look like when you integrate it into your a daily practice, I recorded this video for you.

(Please note that the video is a simplified version for the sake of brevity. When I work with you privately, we create a highly custom-tailored emotional processing practice suited to your own common emotional triggers and physical preferences).

In my mastermind and private work, I also teach a simple and digestible process to identify your triggers, get to the emotional root, and process hard emotions that ANYONE can do as a daily practice to regulate your nervous system and stay grounded no matter what chaos is happening around you.

If this is something you’re interested in learning more about and integrating into your practice, the invitation is to book a VIP Day with me. This is a powerful, deep-dive half day with me where I will run you through my proprietary subconscious reprogramming process and show you how to release those blocks that have been clouding your vision on a mental, emotional, and energetic level.

Specifically, this is perfect for you if you want my strategic eyes and intuition on what’s subconsciously holding you back from hitting your current goals and what specific steps you need to take to catapult into your next level of success. From the energetics to the practical, you and I will spend 4 focused hours of strategizing, co-creating, and mapping out how to create a strong, unshakable foundation for your brand, lifestyle, & business for years to come.

You can apply to book a call here, or you can reserve your spot here directly.


I'm a self-actualization coach and brand growth expert for CEOs, executives, and leaders. My work has been featured internationally, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and TEDx. I've helped thousands of visionary leaders worldwide to unlock their most powerful story from within and grow their influence, income, and impact while staying aligned to their true soul's purpose.


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