Client Love


I was referred to Celinne by a mutual connection, and after looking through her work, I was captivated by her storytelling skills and knew we had to work together.

I recently purchased TAP Air Portugal and my marketing team is in the process of restructuring the brand’s message and story. I hired Celinne to promote Portugal in her unique way, specifically to showcase TAP Air as an expert on all things Portugal, to humanize the brand, and give it some personality.

There are loads of influencers and brand coaches out there, but Celinne has a special skill of finding a story where most people won’t – she actually talks to and interacts with people, finds patterns, and turns her insights into heartfelt content that moves and influences her audience.

The content she helped us create for our Portugal Stopover campaign had stellar engagement, told a unique story, and helped the internal marketing team better understand the brand’s strengths.

I was really happy with the brand story work Celinne did for us and the content she created. I’ve already hired Celinne to do similar work with my other airline in Brazil, and will continue to hire her in the coming future.

David Neeleman

Founder and Chairman of Jetblue Airways & Azul Brazilian Airways, Investor and Board Member at TAP Air Portugal, USA

Before I hired Celinne, I completely lacked clarity in who I was online. I knew where I wanted to go business wise, but I was unsure of how to truly be “me” in a way that was both authentic and profitable. I was afraid to make a mistake with my story because I understood the importance of connecting with my clients. I was stagnating in my fear for a while and it was very frustrating because I was holding myself back from crafting the messaging that was going to propel my business forward.

Once I started working with Celinne and she started working her word “wizardry” on me, I felt supported in such a wonderful way. I didn’t feel alone and she quickly pulled out all the important parts of me. She helped me craft a message and tell my story in a way that felt SO me. I felt aligned with my mission and the impact that I want to have on the world.

Not only did she help with my story, but she listened to my business struggles, my wins, and offered me some GENIUS advice and perspectives that are proving to be invaluable. She looks at the world in a very special way and I greatly benefited from speaking to a businesswoman who is connected to story, soul, and vulnerability in a way that is rare in the world of online business.

I knew I’d made the perfect choice in hiring her when she was able to take certain ideas and apply them to my business in a transformative way. She deeply understood me, my business, and where I was going. We had one call in particular that blew my mind. I sat on a bench on the street talking with my notebook out because I had to write down what she was saying. It felt like such synergy.

If you’re thinking about working with Celinne – you won’t regret it!

Jess Lenouvel

Founder of The Listings Lab, Canada

Celinne is a masterful storyteller who can quickly and efficiently pull out the deepest parts of your brand story and help you find clarity where there was once before confusion.

When we started working together, I was already running a successful 6-figure business and was in the process of scaling by sharing my vision. Setting up a system and structure is important, but so is broadcasting messaging that influences people AND is profitable.

The one thing you need to know about Celinne’s work is that her words and stories sell. I was featured in international press and had a $70k group program launch shortly after working with her, and that wouldn’t have been possible without Celinne. A few months later, I scaled to a 7-figure business.

I highly recommend her to business owners and entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level and turn their brand into a legacy. Sabrina Phillipp

Online Business Coach, USA

When I discovered Celinne, I knew I wanted to start my own company but had no idea where to begin. I was justifying being content with the life I was living, and as a result, I was settling for a life I knew I didn’t want.

Celinne and I collaborated on how to make my company a reality. We set goals I was confident in and within a month I was working with my first paying client! The amount of determination and energy that Celinne pours into every session is amazing. She barely even knew me, but she believed IN me even when I didn’t fully believe in myself and my dreams. When you’re around that kind of support and confidence, it’s hard NOT to begin believing, too!

Before coaching, everything seemed so foggy and unsure which was sucking the life out of me, and as our coaching progressed, so did my zeal for life again. I remember being at work, a place I’ve felt stuck in for a while, and when someone told me a joke I ACTUALLY laughed! You know, the kind of carefree and excited laugh only children make, where you are thinking of nothing else but how wonderful that moment is and can truly enjoy it for what it is.

I feel like the song “I can see cleeearly now, the rain is gone!” The amount of direction, clarity, and boldness I’ve developed coaching with Celinne is beyond what I had convinced myself was possible.

Sonny Schiefelbein

Life Coach, Sonny Days Ahead, USA

Before I started working with Celinne, I was struggling with being concise with my vision/brand and expressing myself in a way that profoundly reached my audience. I felt impatient and stuck that I could not solve the problem.

I loved the energy of our calls from the moment we began working together – it felt like talking to a big sister! Celinne is very efficient and hands on: we got a lot done every session and she helped me outline how to actually apply the insights into my life. She was structured and nice at the same time.

Another thing, Celinne is a word magician. I kept talking and talking, she would summarize my point – and it was like BAAAAM – that’s what I meant!!

I have used Celinne’s Brand Story framework to create captivating live streams, blog posts, and stories, and become more intentional with my daily content. As a result of our work together, I’m creating a website/video/logo to reflect my new elevated brand and I’ve been featured on Thrive Global. My brand message is consistently reaching my potential clients, and I have a better understanding of how I can express myself while addressing universal truths and best serving my clients.

Susi Kaeufer

Mindset Coach, Dreamlife Deluxe, Australia

I recently took over my late father’s career management company and quickly came to the realization that being a full-time business owner is hard as shit! I needed to re-brand the business to communicate what we could deliver with a new leadership team while assuring prior customers that the company would generate results on-par with what my father had been delivering for 20+ years.

I chose to coach with Celinne because facing a challenge this overwhelming – with the added pressure that failure meant my father’s legacy would cease to exist – had me questioning everything I was doing.

Celinne was very easy to open up to about the good and bad ways I approached my business without feeling ashamed. Together, we mapped out an actionable plan for achieving my vision, how to balance my personal and business life, and landed on a clear brand story framework. Working with her really transformed and facilitated the way I approach my work.

Before working with Celinne, I felt awkward describing a brand I inherited in a way that felt authentic and credible to my vision for the business. Celinne majorly helped me understand and align with my brand – after we finished our work together, I attended the largest conference I had ever been to in my life and realized I was finally painlessly and authentically communicating my vision in a way that felt right to me. For the first time, I wasn’t questioning myself or feeling inadequate. One of the people I was speaking to even became a partner!

Thanks to Celinne, I feel more connected to my brand – like part of me is integrated with what my father established and what we as a team aim to provide moving forward. I feel ready to face things head-on and empowered to take on the next steps of running my business.

Chelsea Goodman

Co-Owner & Career Elevation Officer, About Jobs Resume Writing & Career Consulting,USA

I was so stuck on how to get my message out. I had this huge disconnect between what I was offering and was not able to properly articulate exactly what it was that I did, and how to give people the stories they needed to hear in order to build credibility and trust.

I originally hired Celinne to pull out of me the stories and ideas that I knew were living inside of me. And man, what I got was so much more. Celinne helped me to not only fine-tune my messaging and create an entire bank of incredible stories to share, but she also guided me to dig deep and really understand the impact of my work. She helped me to find ways I could enrich my signature coaching package. Plus, she helped me to really hone in on the transformation I was offering, including the exact method, as well as values I held most important to my business.

Celinne helped me in ways beyond content. She coached me through mental blocks and through the tribulations of being an entrepreneur. She ultimately became a mindset coach for me and someone I could share my spiritual side with.

As a result of working with Celinne, I feel so much more confident in explaining my services. I don’t fumble on my words when someone asks me what I do. I am reaching more potential clients through social media because my stories and content are so much more impactful. And I’m having a lot more fun when I sit down to write content. I’m not creating from scratch every time, which is something that had been so draining.

We all know in our hearts why we do what we do. But sometimes putting all of those big beautiful ideas into words can be so challenging. If you have trouble properly articulating what you do, how you do it, and WHY you do it I can’t recommend Celinne enough. You will come out more focused, clear and empowered to spread your message and teach from a place of confidence and flow.

Meghan Sylvester

Mindset Coach, USA

Celinne opened my eyes about storytelling. I thought that I was doing it quite well, but I was utterly wrong. There were so many opportunities that I wasn’t tapping into, and after several workshops together, I started to fall in love with my brand all over again.

Celinne has a special talent for digging into the truth of things. With her, I went way more in-depth about why I started my business and for whom. She got rid of my sales pitch, and made it a beautiful human story, way more fun to tell!

We all have this real reason inside us, but it is so hard to discover it on your own. When you hire Celinne, she will change the way you sell your business, and it won’t feel like selling it anymore. I am happy that we can continue to work together since it is so valuable for Coworkparadise and myself!

Michael Tesselaar

Founder of Coworkparadise, The Netherlands

I had a brand identity workshop with Celinne because we are on the verge of really breaking through internationally with our company, but want to do that through our branding. We are a Dutch company selling laser machines through our European partner network and our goal is to establish ourselves as the #1 brand worldwide.

The question therefore was: What do we stand for as a company, what differentiates us from everyone else, and how do we communicate this with our brand messaging?

Sitting down with Celinne to break down my company’s vision has really made me connect the dots, within just a few hours. Her ability to ask the right questions and poke the right spots, while keeping track of the progress of the break-down is really admirable.

I would highly recommend any business owner who’s looking to have clarity on how to execute on their vision to have a branding workshop with Celinne. You will be able to determine what your company stands for and add value there, but more so, gain understanding of what your core is as a person. And that’s something that is valuable for life! Bram van Turnhout

Commercial Director & Co-Owner of BRM Lasermachines, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Celinne’s strategy development sessions have been such a valuable resource for my brand, offering tangible solutions that I was able to implement into my business. She helped me with how to attract clientele, create a story for my brand that resonates with others, and most importantly find the real value that my brands offers to others. If you need someone to guide your brand in the right direction, providing actionable steps that you can take to thrive, then Celinne is the person to talk to! Ariel Viera

Founder of The Urbanist, USA

I’m an owner and creative director of an emerging fashion brand. Before starting my brand I noticed that when it came to fashion, traditional advertising wasn’t working any more.  Brands who succeed were the ones who were able to build tribes and attracted like minded people.

I contacted Celinne to help me tell my brand story. We’ve worked on the story, brand values and content for my social media and blog. I didn’t know where to start with my branding and working with Celinne armed me with knowledge and tools to be able to start gathering my tribe. Celinne is a skilful storyteller and she helped me to develop a powerful brand story and message. She also helped me to tie together visual part of the branding with storytelling. I really enjoyed working with Celinne and putting my brand story into a powerful picture. I am now much more confident about my branding and putting my message across.

People don’t want to be talked at any more, they want to be swept away in a story and emotions, and identify with a brand before they buy. This is where Celinne comes in. Working with her is a way to future-proof your brand.
Aneta Maziarz

Founder of Sasha & The Boys, United Kingdom

Celinne really helped me dig deep and get raw with my beliefs and purpose in life and business. She helped me muddle through the fog of generality to find specific core beliefs that run through the foundation of my business. I now have clarity on how to communicate with my audience to attract my ideal customers and projects. Thanks so much Celinne for all of your wisdom and guidance! I’m thrilled to be able to better connect and serve my clients. Jennie Rensink

Virtual Assistant, USA

I reached out to Celinne after making the decision that the 9-5 corporate lifestyle was not going to cut it for me and that it was time to chase my passion while making it into a profitable business. It was easy to decide what I wanted but it wasn’t so easy to know where and how to start building my vision. I had millions of ideas, questions and was lacking direction on how to go about it all.

I stumbled into Celinne’s story while on Facebook and after checking out her website, I was compelled to take her ‘Brand Clarity Workshop’ after all that’s what I felt I needed: CLARITY. Clarity on what my brand would stand for and how I would go about communicating it to the world in a way that was captivating and authentic.  

The only thing I questioned was how Celinne was going to help me gain all this clarity within just two hours …Well let me tell you, Celinne completely surpassed my expectations, she is a master at her craft and knows exactly what to ask to get to the heart and core of what you want your business foundation to be. She has the ability to get answers to those important questions that we can’t seem to answer by ourselves. She pokes in the right spots that will help distinguish what you deem necessary for your business model and then goes on to give you structure and guidance on how to build the framework that will become your brand.

I ended the workshop feeling immensely content with how much progress and clarity I had obtained, so much that I will now continue working with her as my coach as we begin the adventure that is building my vision and brand! Juliana Piraquive

Fitness PR Strategist, USA

I was at the point of knowing I wanted to launch my business and knew what I wanted it to be.  But I was struggling to crystalise all the ideas swirling in my head. If I had trouble articulating what I stood for, how could I expect to connect with my ideal client? I engaged Celinne to help me nail my vision and brand values, to gain the confidence to tell my story and to consistently show up on social media.

I am incredibly proud to have built a business which aligns 100% with what matters to me.  I would have got there on my own, but probably not as effectively, confidently or quickly. Working with Celinne fast-tracked my launch and got me to a point where I could focus more on bringing in clients instead of still fumbling my own way through my messaging.  I always looked forward to our sessions together and knew Celinne would push me and nurture me in equal measure to get what I needed.

I would absolutely recommend Celinne to anyone who wants to confidently share their message with the world (even if they don’t know what that message is yet). Amelia Motte

Business and Life Alignment Coach, Australia

As a trainer/coach/consultant in the fields of connecting communications, mindfulness-meditations and emotional intelligence I was developing concepts to reach, interact and help more people than I could do with the traditional f-2-f coach-client model.

I had a couple of ideas of what my vision and values were but I was missing a red line, a structure or framework where I could relate all that I do now and in the future. Most of my exercises about creating a vision and values led to some fancy keywords and slick payoffs which changed all the time and didn’t hold the vision together.

With Celinne as my guide in the field of brand ID, it became more and more clear what it is that I am providing, to whom and why that matters (also to myself). Celinne really breaks it down, questions the words, bringing it back to the core and helping me to stay connected with myself so I kept going in the right direction. Now I have a clear vision in what is what, how and why I am solving, generating and doing the things I do.
Dick-Jan Leegwater

Personal & Business Development Trainer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Thank you Celinne for the guidance you provided me with. It allowed me to clear out the obstacles I was experiencing with the social media part of my business. It’s amazing how much clarity I gained since talking to you and applying the steps necessary to move forward with my desired outcome. I am forever grateful and I will definitely be working with you again in upcoming projects. Ralph Ruiz

Wellness & Life Coach, USA

Meeting and then working with Celinne has been truly inspiring. As a high performance coach and a career coach my mission is to serve my clients to take them to the next level whether is in their personal life, their business or their corporate career.

I reached out to Celinne because I knew that I was not delivering my true message as I really wanted to and I knew that I was putting at risk the value of my brand and of how it would have been perceived by the people I want to serve.

It was thanks to a brand identity workshop with Celinne that I finally felt that my message, my story was aligned with what I stand for and what I was trying to communicate but I was failing at until then. Celinne has the unique talent to bring into surface your most true story, your message in the most authentic and powerful way.

I would highly recommend you to work with Celinne as this will allow you to reach the next level in communicating your vision and your brand in the most authentic and powerful way possible. Massimo Filasieno

Founder & CEO of Leading Interview, Ireland

I had the pleasure of knowing Celinne through a common friend for a few years and have seen her grow her own image and brand with great success and seemingly little effort (emphasis on seemingly). When I decided that I needed to work on building and establishing my own brand, it seemed obvious to go to her.

Within the course of 45 minutes, Celinne had not only clearly laid out a structured plan and blueprint to grow from, but she also had me asking the right questions. More importantly, I was answering those questions. I could see what the logical next step was. She made sure to reinforce that these changes are not overnight, that you have to start somewhere and then continually add layers.

How she communicated her thoughts, ideas and criticisms was what set her apart. She has the ability to objectively consider your goals and what you’re trying to build, and then put those attributes into a plan of action that is clear, easy to follow, and extremely effective.

If you are looking to quickly define, refine, and maximize your brand’s structure, I highly recommend sitting down with Celinne. Preferably before your competition does. Michael Everett Wood

Actor, USA

Celinne is a client at my salon, and now I am hers. As we got to know one another during the service, there was just something about her personality and intelligence. I was hooked on how much she knew about marketing strategy and branding.

I’ve been working with Celinne for a few months now, and I’ve seen vast improvements in my business. She has been able to dissect and educate me on marketing. In fact, the tools I have learned from her has been so imperative to my business that I am now leading and mentoring others on what she has taught me.

Not only is Celinne knowledgeable in this field, but she truly cares about people’s business. I am very much appreciative of my experience and growth with her.
Jamielynn De Leon

Founder of Rogue Hair Salon, USA