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I’LL help you master your story, uplevel your brand, and design life your way.

Ultimately, if you’re selling online, these are the three pathways to expanding your reach, influence, and revenue in a way that captures people’s hearts… and feels damn good and true to you.

Mastering your story means being in control of the “plot” of your life, as if you were an award-winning screenwriter and director. What story are you going to create for yourself and share with others so they’re excited to take part in your vision? What is the story that is going to make everyone say… “Holy shit, she is the only person who can do that!”

Upleveling your brand means transforming yourself into a premium, irreplaceable, go-to authority online. Deeply touch thousands of people’s lives by identifying the best version of yourself… and then becoming her.

Become a magnet for your soulmate clients at the high-ticket rates you want, so you can build a meaningful, fulfilling business that works for you.

Designing life your way means cutting any and all bullshit out your life, leaving only that which matters and brings you joy. Want to travel multiple months per year? Want to only work 2-3 hours a day? Ready to read a book on a hammock in the middle of a “workday” and not feel guilty about it?

If you’re ready to stop living life by accident and start living by intention…

meet celinne

Celinne Da Costa is an international life design & brand story coach, published writer, and active dreamer, growing her business and exploring the world from wherever she chooses to be.

Since leaving her unfulfilling corporate job a few years ago, Celinne’s vision has been to architect a life that is overflowing with joy, meaning, and purpose—and to empower you to do the same, so that you can manifest your dreams into a reality that fulfills you and inspires others.

Celinne coaches her entrepreneurial clients to become confident, authentic, and courageous leaders who take control of their life and business narrative and brand themselves to success… on their own terms.

Celinne contributes to and has been featured in major international publications including Forbes, HuffPost, Intrepid, Urban Adventures, Matador Network, Rosetta Stone, and Business Insider.

She’s helped clients in +20 countries to master their story and has a loyal community of +50,000 dreamers following her work around the world.

I recently purchased TAP Air Portugal and my marketing team is in the process of restructuring the brand’s message and story. I hired Celinne to promote Portugal in her unique way, specifically to showcase TAP Air as an expert on all things Portugal, to humanize the brand, and give it some personality.

I was really happy with the brand story work Celinne did for us and the content she created. I’ve already hired Celinne to do similar work with my other airline in Brazil, and will continue to hire her in the coming future.”

– David Neeleman, Founder and CEO of Jetblue Airways & Azul Brazilian Airways, Co-Owner of TAP Air Portugal

Once I started working with Celinne and she started working her word “wizardry” on me, I felt supported in such a wonderful way. She quickly pulled out all the important parts of me and helped me craft a message and tell my story in a way that felt SO me. I felt aligned with my mission and the impact that I want to have on the world.

Not only did she help with my story, but she listened to my business struggles, my wins, and offered me some GENIUS advice and perspectives that are proving to be invaluable. She looks at the world in a very special way and I greatly benefited from speaking to a businesswoman who is connected to story, soul, and vulnerability in a way that is rare in the world of online business.

If you’re thinking about working with her – you won’t regret it!

– Jess Lenouvel, Founder of The Listings Lab, California, USA

Celinne is a masterful storyteller who can quickly and efficiently pull out the deepest parts of your brand story and help you find clarity where there was once before confusion.The one thing you need to know about Celinne’s work is that her words and stories sell. I was featured in international press and had a $70k group program launch shortly after working with her, and that wouldn’t have been possible without Celinne. A few months later, I scaled to a 7-figure business. I highly recommend her to business owners and entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level and turn their brand into a legacy.

– Sabrina Phillipp, Online Business Coach, USA

Celinne and I collaborated on how to make my company a reality. We set goals I was confident in and within a month I was working with my first paying client! The amount of determination and energy that Celinne pours into every session is amazing. She barely even knew me, but she believed IN me even when I didn’t fully believe in myself and my dreams. When you’re around that kind of support and confidence, it’s hard NOT to begin believing, too!

– Sonny Schiefelbein, Life Coach at Sonny Days Ahead, Connecticut USA

Celinne has a special talent for digging into the truth of things. With her, I went way more in-depth about why I started my business and for whom. She got rid of my sales pitch, and made it a beautiful human story, way more fun to tell! We all have this real reason inside us, but it is so hard to discover it on your own. When you hire Celinne, she will change the way you sell your business, and it won’t feel like selling it anymore. I am happy that we can continue to work together since it is so valuable for Coworkparadise and myself!

– Michael Tesselaar, Founder of Coworkparadise, The Netherlands

Sitting down with Celinne to break down my company’s vision has really made me connect the dots, within just a few hours. Her ability to ask the right questions and poke the right spots, while keeping track of the progress of the break-down is really admirable. I would highly recommend any business owner who’s looking to have clarity on how to execute on their vision to have a branding workshop with Celinne. You will be able to determine what your company stands for and add value there, but more so, gain understanding of what your core is as a person. And that’s something that is valuable for life!

– Bram van Turnhout, Commercial Director & Co-Owner of BRM Lasermachines, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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