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Let’s create a brand that’s true to what’s in your heart, transforms people’s lives, and most importantly, moves them to action. But before all that… your story needs to lodge itself into a nook of your audience’s heart.

That’s how they’ll listen.

My vision is to empower you to create and share a story so captivating, resounding, and real, that it will manifest lasting effects in both your personal life and your business.


A brand that speaks with heart and soul

A clearly communicated vision that supports your goals 

Stories that are effective, fun to tell, effortless, and authentically you

The trust, loyalty, and influence of your dream audience


An active dreamer  You have a vision and a commitment to manifesting dreams into reality

An entrepreneur at heart   You’re hungry to make a difference and yearn to use your talents to change the world

Ready to explore your full potential   You’re done hiding your love and passion. It’s time to mean what you say, and say what you mean

If you’re struggling with a brand that feels ambiguous, confusing, inconsistent, and disconnected from your vision, I’m here to help you bring your story to life. 

private Coaching

Ideal for entrepreneurs looking to develop a story that connects them to their vision and scales their business

Whether you are scaling your current business or starting a new one, reconnecting with the power of your story is essential for magnetizing your dream clients, standing out from the crowd, and creating engaging, heartfelt content that sells. With a mix of mindset, brand, and story coaching, we will build your Brand Story Framework and a narrative that brings in the big bucks AND gives you fulfillment.

Story Clarity Intensive

Ideal for entrepreneurs looking for instant clarity and a core framework to get started on a Brand Story

In a single 1-1 session, we will quickly get to the root of your vision, the core values that make you unique, and how to transform your brand into a story that is clear, captivating, and serves your business. The Intensive is designed to cut through the marketing BS and get right to the heart and soul of your brand. I guarantee you’ll feel a renewed sense of purpose from what we will uncover!

SPONSORships + partnerships

Ideal for brands looking to promote a unique story through an influencer partnership

There’s something remarkable about your brand, and you may not even know what it is. I’ll find it, and I will tell your story in a way that is beautiful, human, and differentiates you from the crowd. The customized branded content I create will be showcased to at least +40,000 of my loyal followers across my social channels.


There are loads of influencers and brand coaches out there, but Celinne has a special skill of finding a story where most people won’t - she actually talks to and interacts with people, finds patterns, and turns her insights into heartfelt content that moves and influences her audience.

The content she helped us create for our Portugal Stopover campaign had stellar engagement, told a unique story, and helped the internal marketing team better understand what the brand stands for.
I was really happy with the brand story work Celinne did for us and have already hired her again.

- David Neeleman, Founder and Chairman of Jetblue Airways & Azul Brazilian Airways, Investor and Board Member at TAP Air Portugal

Once I started working with Celinne and she started working her word "wizardry" on me, I felt supported in such a wonderful way. She quickly pulled out all the important parts of me and helped me craft a message and tell my story in a way that felt SO me. I felt aligned with my mission and the impact that I want to have on the world.

Not only did she help with my story, but she listened to my business struggles, my wins, and offered me some GENIUS advice and perspectives that are proving to be invaluable. She looks at the world in a very special way and I greatly benefited from speaking to a businesswoman who is connected to story, soul, and vulnerability in a way that is rare in the world of online business.

If you’re thinking about working with her - you won’t regret it!

- Jess Lenouvel, Founder of The Listings Lab, California, USA


I originally hired Celinne to help me with content. To pull out of me the stories and ideas that I knew were living inside of me. And man, what I got was so much more. Celine helped me to not only fine-tune my messaging and create an entire bank of incredible stories to share, but she also guided me to dig deep and really understand the impact of my work. She ultimately became a mindset coach for me and someone I could share my spiritual side with.

We all know in our hearts why we do what we do. But sometimes putting all of those big beautiful ideas into words can be so challenging. If you have trouble properly articulating what you do, how you do it, and WHY you do it I can’t recommend Celine enough. You will come out more focused, clear and empowered to spread your message and teach from a place of confidence and flow.

- Meghan Sylvester, Spiritual Teacher and Life Coach, USA


Celinne is a masterful storyteller who can quickly and efficiently pull out the deepest parts of your brand story and help you find clarity where there was once before confusion.The one thing you need to know about Celinne’s work is that her words and stories sell. I was featured in international press and had a $70k group program launch shortly after working with her, and that wouldn’t have been possible without Celinne. A few months later, I scaled to a 7-figure business. I highly recommend her to business owners and entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level and turn their brand into a legacy.

- Sabrina Phillipp, Online Business Coach, USA


I reached out to Celinne because I knew that I was not delivering my true message as I really wanted to and I knew that I was putting at risk the value of my brand and of how it would have been perceived by the people I want to serve. It was thanks to a brand identity workshop with Celinne that I finally felt that my message, my story was aligned with what I stand for and what I was trying to communicate but I was failing at until then. Celinne has the unique talent to bring into surface your most true story, your message in the most authentic and powerful way.

- Massimo Filasieno, Founder & CEO of Leading Interview, Dublin, Ireland


Celinne has a special talent for digging into the truth of things. With her, I went way more in-depth about why I started my business and for whom. She got rid of my sales pitch, and made it a beautiful human story, way more fun to tell! We all have this real reason inside us, but it is so hard to discover it on your own. When you hire Celinne, she will change the way you sell your business, and it won’t feel like selling it anymore. I am happy that we can continue to work together since it is so valuable for Coworkparadise and myself!

- Michael Tesselaar, Founder of Coworkparadise, The Netherlands


Sitting down with Celinne to break down my company’s vision has really made me connect the dots, within just a few hours. Her ability to ask the right questions and poke the right spots, while keeping track of the progress of the break-down is really admirable. I would highly recommend any business owner who’s looking to have clarity on how to execute on their vision to have a branding workshop with Celinne. You will be able to determine what your company stands for and add value there, but more so, gain understanding of what your core is as a person. And that’s something that is valuable for life!

- Bram van Turnhout, Commercial Director & Co-Owner of BRM Lasermachines, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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