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There’s a story inside of you, and it wants to get out.

Let’s create a brand that starts movements, transforms people’s lives, and most importantly, moves them to action. But before all that… your story needs to lodge itself into a nook of your audience’s heart.

That’s how they’ll listen.

My vision is to empower passionate entrepreneurs to uncover and share a story so captivating, resounding, and real, that it will manifest lasting effects in both your personal life and your business.


A brand that speaks with heart and soul

A clearly communicated vision that supports your life and business, and motivates your audience to take action

The trust and loyalty of those you influence with your message

I want to work with you if you are:

An active dreamer  You have a vision and a commitment to manifesting dreams into reality

An entrepreneur at heart   You’re hungry to make a difference and yearn to use your talents to change the world around you

Ready to explore your full potential   You’re done hiding your love and passion. It’s time to mean what you say, and say what you mean

If you’re struggling with messaging that is ambiguous, confusing, inconsistent, and not giving justice to your vision, I’m here to help you bring that story of yours to life. 

Brand Identity +
Story Coaching

Ideal for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to crystallize, strengthen, and effectively communicate their brand story

Whether you are revamping your current business or creating a new one, developing a strong brand identity and a story is essential for authentically connecting with the people you want to serve, differentiating yourself against competitors, and shaping your content strategy to serve your business goals.

Through creative workshops and coaching sessions, we will:

  •  Gain extreme clarity on your brand’s vision, values, and allure
  • Simplify your big ideas into a brand story that’s powerful, unique, and attracts your ideal audience
  • Utilize my signature Brand Story framework (which was featured in Forbes!) to develop a clearly defined vision, brand values, and proof points to support your messaging
  • Bring the heart and soul of your brand to life with powerful language, an easy-to-explain and scalable framework, and a mindful marketing strategy
  • Develop a core content strategy to effectively, consistently, and beautifully communicate your brand story to the world


A-la-carte coaching sessions and retainer packages are available on a case-by-case basis. For inquiries, please use the Contact form.

Brand Story
Clarity Intensive

Ideal for entrepreneurs looking for instant clarity and a basic framework to get started on their brand story

In a single 1-1 session, we will quickly get to the root of your brand’s vision, the core values that make your business remarkable, and how to transform your brand identity into a story that is clear, captivating, and effective. The intensive is designed to cut through the marketing BS and get right to the heart and soul of your brand.

We will bring your true story to the surface in an authentic and powerful way, and begin to answer fundamental brand identity questions:

  • What do you stand for as a brand, and how does that translate into your content?
  • How does your vision differentiate your brand in the market?
  • How do you create a story that clearly communicates your vision to the people you want to serve?

You will walk away from the intensive with clarity on your brand vision, a basic framework for creating a captivating story that supports your business, and next actions steps to begin executing your vision. I guarantee you’ll feel a renewed sense of purpose from what we will uncover, as well as motivated and inspired by your brand!


You can book your Brand Story Clarity Intensive or schedule a Discovery call to learn more below.

Strategic Storytelling Collaboration

Ideal for brands looking for a unique, unconventional approach to market their story through an influencer partnership

There’s something remarkable about your brand, and you may not even know what it is. I’ll find it, and I will tell your story in a way that is beautiful, human, relatable, and differentiates your brand.

Here’s how it works: I explore the place, product, or service, and create customized branded content based on what I experience, which will be showcased to at least +40,000 of my loyal followers across my social channels.

My influence extends beyond just social media: I am a regular contributor for major U.S. publications such as Forbes, HuffPost, Intrepid Travel, and Urban Adventures, have been ranked as one of the most influential and stunning travel accounts on the planet, and have written for/been featured in publications including Buzzfeed, MediaPost, Rosetta Stone, Marie Claire, World Nomads, and Business Insider.

Collaboration opportunities include:

  • Sponsored press trips with on-site story coaching
  • Sponsored short story posts on my social media channels
  • Customized thought pieces (articles, guest blog posts, etc)
  • Creative content creation (writing, video, photography)

Past clients include boards of tourism, yoga and co-working retreats, travel companies, airlines, and clothing/beauty brands in 20+ countries.

Please send proposals using the Contact form. More information can be found in my media kit.

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If you’d like to learn more about which package is right for you, I offer a complimentary 20-minute Discovery Call to discuss what working together would look like.

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