How To Stop Suffering (And Let Life Work For You Instead)

Pain and discomfort is inevitable, but your SUFFERING comes from the stories you tell yourself about why it’s happening.

I’ve been going deep lately, feeling into the cycles of what it truly means to be human.

My entire life, I was conditioned to believe that life was a linear, step-by-step process:

First you’re born, then you grow up and go to school, then you go be an adult and get a decent job, then you get old, travel, and do “old people” things.

The same phenomenon also happens in business, where we are taught to believe that we need to hit 1 milestone after the other in order to succeed, and God forbid that we have a month or year where we dip in progress or need to take a step back before taking a step forward.

This way of falling “into line” with the way things “should” be couldn’t be farther from the truth.

We are cyclical beings. For evidence of this, just look at nature. Look at how life operates without a human being’s interference or need to control things.

You and me are organic. We ain’t robots. In the material world, we abide by the laws of nature.

You are meant to be born, grow, die, and be reborn… Not once, but many times over.

You’re constantly shedding old identities, previous belief systems and ways of being and seeing the world, and when you change, your reality changes too.

It’s unpredictable, it’s messy, and it’s definitely not linear. There will always be obstacles. There will always be moments when things get hard before they get better.

Pain and discomfort is inevitable, but your SUFFERING comes from the stories you tell yourself about why it’s happening to you.

It’s the self-shaming and believing things should be different than what they are that hurts. It’s resisting the natural flow of life, because your mind thinks it should be another way. The pain in itself is neutral. It’s not personal to you… it’s a natural part of the cycle of letting go and rebuilding.

These days, I am inviting in more grace. More patience with myself. A higher level understanding that whatever I am going through, it’s always part of a cycle, and there are multiple cycles running at the same time. Good ones and bad ones (although the human tendency is to just focus on the bad and overlook the good).

It’s important to remember that whatever you’re going through, you get to choose who you become along the way.

This is the gift of understanding our cycles and learning to dance with rather than resist them — every challenge, obstacle, and uncomfortable situation becomes an opportunity to evolve and show up better.

And we get to do it over and over again ❤️. Isn’t that exciting?

I’m going to leave you with a little mantra I’ve been practicing lately, in hopes that it’s helpful:

Life is always working for me.

I am the creator of life, and life desires to support my creations.

I get to choose how my life goes, and I choose my highest soul’s purpose.



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