How To Treat Resistance As a Friend

Here’s the thing with resistance. It’s always trying to tell you something.

Just wanted to share with you that my QUARANTINE IS OVEEER! I’m back home in Bali, and it feels so good.

I have to be honest… I had a LOT of resistance coming back to the island. My days in Europe trickled by and I still wasn’t sure whether I felt ready to return.

But here’s the thing with resistance. It’s always trying to tell you something.

When I work with clients, we treat resistance as a friend, and instead of avoiding it or caving to its will, we get curious and ask it questions:

Why are you here?

What are you protecting me from?

Where do you come from?

I did this with my own mentor (we are always our own worst blind spot!), who took me through the process of going deep into my unconscious and finding the root of my resistance.

To my surprise, I uncovered old childhood wounds about being consistently uprooted in my childhood. A child’s unexpected grief of being an alien in a foreign land. 

Being afraid to commit to a “home” due to the uncertainty. The deep feeling of not belonging.

When we uncovered the root of that resistance, she said something that shook me:

“This isn’t about coming home to Bali. It’s about coming home to yourself. Are you ready to fully surrender to that?”



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Ever since I left New York City in 2015, my commitment to myself was to rediscover who I truly was, and keep coming home to that.

Over and over, I’ve seen that coming home isn’t just a one-time stop. It’s a never-ending journey of returning back to myself, anytime I stray.

Once we released the unconscious blocks, I was able to see the answers clearly…

I wasn’t resisting Bali. I was afraid of leaning into what She had to offer me next: her wisdom around feminine embodiment and the art of surrender.

Once that clicked, the resistance was gone. 

I booked my ticket home and my return was smooth as butter, even though in the weeks prior I was struggling with booking hotels, finalizing dates, etc.

This is why I’m eternally committed to this work:

It’s not about bending the world to your will, but rather, understanding that the world already IS your will and anything getting in the way of what you desire is an interference.

The subconscious beliefs, patterns, stories… THAT’S what’s keeping you from having what you want.

Because you are already worthy of it. You just need to come home to that truth, and to yourself.

So yeah… Mama Bali’s got some things to teach me in chapter 2 of this adventure. 

And I am here for it. Fear and all.


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