Ilanit Litman

This program had the most impact AFTER I finished it! I discovered a lot of information that was trapped inside and thought was unrelated to my businesses. I also learned how to incorporate all this “personal and mindset” related information to enhance and elevate my brand and my services in unprecedented ways. The most revealing thing was being able to connect all of my personal development and mindset powers WITH my business skills and use that to move towards my goals.

Once I was able to put together my story and inner voice, I started earning 4 times what I was making before. I also found new ways to communicate with my customers and be way more effective and honest. I now have clarity on my purpose, values, and vision. I know how to choose my words and have a process that I can always go through again whenever I feel in doubt. I acquired sale skills without sounding selfish or using any salesy tactics. I’ve unified my spiritual goals and business goals into one sole and clear purpose, which allows me to make faster and smarter choices.