Story Clarity
Intensive with Celinne

Identify & clear what's really holding you back,
so you can unlock the true power of your story.


You're here because you want to master sharing a story that clearly articulates the power of what you do with the right people.


Once you can do that, that's when you become known as a leader in your space, attracting higher-level opportunities that allow you to impact increasingly bigger audiences.

You're here to impact people with your story while still enjoying your life along the way.

You're not willing to build that vision if it means you have to accept:

  • Having to test a million taglines and "I help" statements because you're not sure how to tell people what you do
  • Sacrificing your authenticity to project an "expert image"
  • Obsessively checking your metrics and stressing about audience engagement

That means your most important next move is to create a story that cuts to the heart of your audience's desires so precisely, they'll feel like your message is the answer they've been waiting for.

To do that, you need to align your internal story with your brand story.

And it all starts with the internal story. That's what the Story Clarity Intensive is for.

It's the first, most potent move you need to make right now.

There are two stories you're telling,
in any given moment:

  • The conscious story of who you are, what you do, and why you do it that you share with yourself, your team, and your audience (5% of your reality)
  • The subconscious stories you're telling yourself about you, which directly influence your decision-making and how you see the world (95% of your reality)

The mistake most people make is they only address #1. The only way to create the impact you really want is to address #2 first.

Because when you ignore the subconscious stories you tell yourself, your operating system isn't matching the reality you want to create.

And that's why you continuously get sucked into obsessing over soul-draining details that aren't really going to move the needle forward.

No wonder you're feeling stuck on your story.


It's time to stop allowing your SUBCONSCIOUS mind to hijack your success.

In the Story Clarity Intensive, you will:

  • Identify which of the six-story archetypes is holding you back from sharing your most irresistible story (it's never the one you think).
  • Clear the disempowering story that's secretly blocking the next level of your success.
  • Walk away with powerful tools to continue dissolving the disempowering story and prevent it from influencing future decision-making.
  • Create a tangible action plan to begin testing out new messaging aligned with your true brand story.

What Can you Expect From The Story Clarity Intensive?

In this action-packed Intensive, we are going deep. Using my unique blend of expertise in storytelling, branding, neuroscience, subconscious reprogramming, and psychology, we're going to get crystal clear on what subtle (and not-so-subtle) stories you've been subconsciously telling yourself that are contributing to your feeling of stuckness, frustration, and confusion.

I will show you how to clear these blocks, and together we'll start bringing your true story to the surface and create a roadmap for how you can tell your story moving forward.

This is the work you MUST do in order to uplevel your consciousness and create a rock-solid foundation for your brand, business, and life.

Once you get clear on the actual problem rather than what your old, repetitive thoughts have been telling you is the problem and start sharing a story that's geared towards the solution, guess what happens?

  • You create a deeper connection to your audience, which means you can influence and move them to action from a place of authenticity
  • You lay the foundations for a legacy brand that people are obsessed with
  • You feel confident in your messaging and naturally stand out from the crowds
  • You become the creator, rather than the unconscious victim, of your story, which results in clearer decision-making in your life and business

Don't let your past stories determine your future story.

Here's what's included:


1 private video session

for a high-touch, premium coaching experience with Celinne


7 days of email support

to have all your post-session questions answered


Recording of the session

to watch as many times as you need!


Action steps tailored to your goals

to keep you on track and accountable

PAY IN FULL $1,500

Through Celinne’s help, I was able to craft my brand story that has allowed me to get massive, massive sales not only in my Instagram course, but also land, new clients and my new business coaching program.

When I first started my entrepreneur journey, I didn’t really have a message that stood out in a sea of people trying to do the same thing. Celinne was so helpful with crafting my story in a way that is unique and connects me to all of my dream audience.

The clarity and unlocking of tension, stress, and patterns that weren’t serving me that came with my session with Celinne was profound and very moving. I came out of the session feeling lighter – I realised I had been telling myself some very disempowering stories that were seriously sabotaging my success!

Celinne helped me identify how I had all the answers to my sense of feeling disconnected, including knowing what the path needed to look like to change things and actually achieve my big goals and dreams. I feel confidence and razor sharp clarity about the TRUE purpose of my business, and now have much-needed structure and clarity around what content to create for my community, what I need to do to build it, and most importantly, how to show up for the success of my business.

I had my biggest month-to-date sales and I know it’s because of the healing and shadow work. I am feeling so much more liberated now. Liberated to be me, and not a victim to what people think about me.

Before discovering Celinne, I didn’t know what to put in my brand story, how to put it together in a cohesive way or convert more followers into clients. It felt confusing as I wasn’t sure which parts of my story were the most important. We went into uncovering my shadows and what I was feeling shame around, and that’s when I realized that solving the problem was more about healing shame, rather than finding a new strategy.

I would highly recommend any business owner who’s looking to have clarity on how to execute on their vision to have a branding workshop with Celinne.

Sitting down with Celinne to break down my company’s vision has really made me connect the dots, within just a few hours. Her ability to ask the right questions and poke the right spots, while keeping track of the progress of the break-down is really admirable. You will be able to determine what your company stands for and add value there, but more so, gain an understanding of what your core is as a person. And that’s something that is valuable for life!

Celinne opened my eyes about storytelling. There were so many opportunities that I wasn’t tapping into, and after several workshops together, I started to fall in love with my brand all over again.

When you hire Celinne, she will change the way you sell your business, and it won’t feel like selling it anymore. Celinne has a special talent for digging into the truth of things. With her, I went way more in-depth about why I started my business and for whom. She got rid of my sales pitch, and made it a beautiful human story, way more fun to tell!


The Story Clarity Intensive is designed to cut through the clutter, release your self - imposed limitations, and set you free to do your most important work.

I have no doubt that you'll feel a renewed sense of purpose and direction from what we'll uncover, as well as feel inspired by the magic of your own story.

Should you choose to continue working with me, you'll have priority access to my private coaching program waitlist. To start your journey towards sharing a purpose-driven story that magnetizes more influence, income, and impact, book your Story Clarity Intensive today!


Clients have gotten powerful results from the Story Clarity Intensive, including: a clearly articulated why and vision for their business after years of struggling with messaging, finding the "missing" piece they needed in their content to sell out their product launch, creating a media-worthy story that got featured in Forbes, creating their company mission and values statement, and more. More importantly, clients report feeling a deep sense of clarity and alignment. To learn more about results past clients have gotten, watch the testimonial videos provided on this page!

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