Before joining the Master Your Story Implementation Program with Celinne, I lacked direction, alignment, and told myself limiting stories on repeat. I wasn’t answering the deep questions I should have been asking myself and was stuck in habits that no longer served me.

My stories were holding me back from what I truly want to pursue in this lifetime. I have thinker vs. doer syndrome, meaning I think alot about all I want to create but don’t take action towards my dreams. I was settling for less than what I knew I was capable of.

Deep down, I needed more out of life. I didn’t want to be a landscaper (my current business), but rather all that I’ve dreamed of being and step into my true authentic self.

Celinne’s group coaching program showed me how my old belief systems and internal stories no longer serve me. I now have the tools I need in order to change my story and share it with confidence. I gained the ability to change my thoughts and as a result, change my life.

I’m now able to see when disempowering thoughts arise and how to knock them down, creating value whenever an obstacle comes. Keeping my emotions in check and staying calm through new experiences is a massive win.

This program started right when Covid-19 hit, and my landscape business massively slowed down. I was freaking out and blaming myself for not getting any work. Then, I watched one of our training modules and learned about manifesting your desires and outcome. Sure enough… after changing my energy and the story I was telling myself,  I got hit with tons of calls and work picked back up again!

This program taught me that I have the ability to pursue my vision and tell my authentic story along the path that I create to freedom. I’m walking away with a newfound energy and desire to embrace who I am and love myself and my story.

I can hold myself proud knowing that my past self is no longer the one telling the story. I’ve moved on from the old and stepped into the new me. I will create the life I envision and tell my story confidently as I transition away from landscaping into the online space as a personal brand here to serve others looking to pursue their dream lives!