Nizie Nazeha Lokman

I signed up for the Group Implementation Program with Celinne after taking the Master Your Story DIY course and getting

I signed up for the Group Implementation Program with Celinne after taking the Master Your Story DIY course and getting so much value from it. Before MYS, I was all over the place: a corporate communicator, writer, mother, traveler, and daydreamer. I couldn’t pinpoint one specific thing I’m good at. But one thing was for sure, I loved to express myself through story. 

Celinne helped me dig into my deep why. I understood the profound reasoning why I was doing what I’m doing, whether I’m writing, watching a movie, doing chores, and more. Coupled with a clear understanding of my vision and values, I found the guiding principles that motivate me to move forward in whatever I do.

Celinne has a fantastic technique that peels every muscle and bone from you and gets right to the center of the nerve — the brain & mindset. With her mind-blowing ideas and story strategies that synchronize what’s in our head and heart, I found the hidden pattern that influences me to move the needle to greater heights in life, as well to inspire others. I used this to add value to my clients, resulting in more recurring projects.

Although I wear different hats every day and have various interests, I now know my why, vision, values, and how to act now to make my vision a reality. Whatever I do, I do it with a purpose, passion, and see the possibilities of the action I take. A new narrative, a bold story, and perspective have surfaced from deep inside my heart.

I’m now true to myself and created a brand that’s an expression of me and a shared narrative that inspires others. I’ve been interviewed by a dream online magazine and written for others. I’ve built a community of storytellers and help leaders and creators share their work with the world. I’ve also been invited to contribute a guest post for a rising travel influencer.

I receive so many positive comments from strangers, friends, and family on how I managed to inspire them in ways I never knew I could. I sincerely shared my authentic experience and am living my best story. And it all started with Celinne’s Master Your Story courses. A plus bonus is that I had the experience to meet Celinne in person, and watch her present her ideas in TEDx. Since meeting her, I see my life from a new perspective. It was an experience that was just too sweet to be kept a secret.


I'm a self-actualization coach and brand growth expert for CEOs, executives, and leaders. My work has been featured internationally, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and TEDx. I've helped thousands of visionary leaders worldwide to unlock their most powerful story from within and grow their influence, income, and impact while staying aligned to their true soul's purpose.


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