The Two Types of Clients You’ll Encounter (And Why You Need To Know The Difference)

One of my life goals is to build long-lasting, abundant wealth, so last year I decided to confront my fears.

“There’s two kind of clients,” he said.

“The ones who get scared every time they need to make a move, and those who will dive into the fear so that they can get the answers they need to take action.”

“And you?” He looked me dead in the eyes.

“You’re fearless.”

Although I wouldn’t agree with the term “fearless” —I define courage as taking action despite your fears— it was a high compliment to receive in my meeting with my tax strategist.

When we first met just over a year ago, I barely understood anything about taxes: terms like “tax strategy,” “company restructuring,” and “dividends” was all jargon to me.

One of my life goals is to build long-lasting, abundant wealth, so last year I decided to confront my fears of financial management and hired someone to help me with my tax strategy.

When he first tried to break my tax plan down to me, I did NOT understand most of what he was saying. Honestly, I just went along with most of it because he was recommended to me and I was so confused. I recognized this was a disempowering thing to do, and I didn’t want to live my life (or leave my money) at the whim of other people’s suggestions and opinions.

So here’s what I did.

I started chipping away, one question at a time. Even when I wanted to run faaaar away from the overwhelm, I kept inquiring and asking for clarity on the many concepts I didn’t understand.

My tax strategist LOVED it. As you can imagine, he deals with a lot of confused and overwhelmed people and it was refreshing for him to deal with someone who wanted to take responsibility for their future, instead of offloading their decisions and financial future onto him (which creates a lot of pressure).

When I met with him recently, he reflected this back to me, and it touched my heart because…

What this man saw in me as his client, is exactly what I strive to embody and therefore attract in MY clients:

The willingness to lean into what’s scary and uncomfortable, to take radical responsibility for the inevitable success of your future, to trust yourself enough to DO what’s important even when the “how” and other logistics are unclear.

I truly believe you can learn ANY skillset you set your mind to— but you must have the willingness to learn and face the fears.

And that’s what’s amazing about hiring coaches and experts to help… they’ve gone through this rodeo before, figured out the “how,” and can guide you to get there faster, and in your own style.

While I’m not tax strategy expert, I can now speak the language because I was willing to learn challenging jargon. To ask the same questions multiple times until I understood despite my fears of coming off as annoying. To pursue clarity at the risk of feeling stupid or not enough.

It’s similar to how my clients go through the process of learning how to reprogram their subconscious, specifically to unlearn the many limiting belief systems they unconsciously took on since they were children, and to instead learn how to stay connected to their highest soul’s purpose and vision and take actions that move them closer to their desired future (rather than constantly reliving the past).

It’s not always easy, it can feel overwhelming at times, but it’s a key skillset to long-lasting mental and emotional freedom.



How to Create an Audience of Highly Engaged Buyers Through Irresistible Storytelling

There are two ways you can show up for the challenge ahead:

1. Continue fearing and avoiding an area of your life because you don’t understand it or it feels too overwhelming/messy to address,


2. Lean into it and do the thing, even when you don’t know the “how” yet, because it’s a MUST for your future.

Which one will you go for?

And remember, remember… how you show up for yourself is reflected in who you attract in both your personal life and business. If you’re feeling like you’re currently dragging your clients through the desired transformation or constantly having to “convince” others to show up for themselves, now might be the time to ask:

“Where is this showing up in my life, and how?”

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