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Unlock your most magnetic, authentic expression and share a story
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If you're an industry expert, company leader, or visionary entrepreneur who wants to build a legacy brand while being in alignment with your soul's purpose...

You're in the right place.


Chances are, you're feeling like you've hit a plateau that you just can't seem to break through. Now is the time to ask: what are the deep-rooted subconscious stories and limiting beliefs that have been clouding your perception, without you even being aware of them?

I'll help you release and rewrite the limiting stories that have been keeping you small, so that you can embody and share your story of transformation with the people who need to hear it.

You'll learn how to not only tell, but become the greatest story you've ever told.

This looks like letting go of past identities, stepping into your truth, and syncing your inner narrative (the story you tell and believe about yourself), with your outer narrative (the story you share with your audience, and to the world).

The results?

  • A powerful uplevel, elevation, and transformation in your life and business, so that you can speak on that big stage, publish that bestselling book, and sell out your programs without feeling like an impostor.
  • Your "being" and "doing" are fully synchronized so that you're no longer sacrificing what you truly desire for what you think you should do.
  • The confidence and clarity to unapologetically express yourself to the people who need to hear it, and change lives by example and through your own story of transformation.
  • The courage to live at your highest soul level, so that your story is not just told and heard, but embodied and consciously lived by you in everything that you create moving forward.

The journey begins here.

Ways You and I Can Work Together

1:1 private

You're ready to create a profound transformation in how you show up in your life and business, and you want to be supported at the deepest, most VIP level so you can accelerate your evolution as a human, a leader, and a brand. My high-touch, custom mentorship experience is designed to collapse timelines and quantum leap you into living out your highest possible soul's destiny.


Story clarity

A power-packed private session with me to identify and mentally, emotionally, and energetically release what's been subconsciously holding you back (for months or even years!), get you crystal clear on what needs to shift and how, and create a step-by-step action plan to bridge the gap between where you are now and the big goal you want to achieve.

Master your story

elite experience

A high-level mentorship x mastermind experience led by me, alongside an intimate group of hand-selected epic humans, where I'll take you through my proprietary process of building a premium brand from the inside out so that you can become a recognized figure in your space, magnetize high-ticket soulmate clients, and change people's lives with your message... without compromising an ounce of your authenticity.


School of story

digital experience

A self-study program to uncover, write, and tell your most magnetic brand story. This contains my proven methods and systems for strategically and intentionally using storytelling to build a brand with purpose, deeply connect with your ideal audience so they're excited to buy from you, as well as the non-negotiable mindset work that you must do to get to your next level.

Self - Study

For support on a specific area, check out my library of self-study courses, guides, masterclasses, and ebooks that will help you take the next step towards optimizing your story, sharpening your mindset, showing up more authentically online, and more. Access them instantly and complete at your own pace.


Are you ready to tell a story that aligns with

The brilliant, passionate, and visionary
heart beating inside of your chest?

If you're feeling called to one of my private or group mentorship experiences, but need support deciding...

I was lucky enough to spend a day with Celinne doing a VIP session. And I was pretty blown away because she’s able to unpack some ideas and thoughts, which were very deep. I highly recommend working with Celinne if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to do things on a high level.

Celinne has this ability to call me on my shit and hear things that is coming from ego that is not authentic. She has this real capacity to know what is genuine, know what is authentic and filter out the rest.


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