Love Letters to Rome

A collection of some of my favorite photos and reflections of Rome. 

A collection of some of my favorite photos and reflections of Rome. 

Change in the Pantheon

Every time I’m back in Rome, I visit the Pantheon. And every time, something has changed. I can never pinpoint what it is. Could it be that this timeless temple has altered in the span of a few months? Is it my perspective? Or perhaps… It’s just me. I’ve changed. And how comforting it is that, no matter who I’ve become upon my return, my love for this place remains unaltered. (at Pantheon – Piazza Della Rotonda)

Organized Chaos

If organized chaos had another name it would be Rome. Vibrant, discombobulated, gorgeously messy… There is no other place that can wear disorder with such grace. A view of Via Del Babuino going towards Piazza del Popolo. (at Via del Babuino, Roma)

Allow the Sun to Shine

Let go. Cede control over your surroundings and others around you, allowing the sun to shine because it burns with a fire none of us can comprehend and not because it’s day and it must 🌞 (at Piazza del Popolo, Roma)

The Eternal City

Seasons come and go, each lugging its own set of changes. She, however, is eternal. (at Roma)

Decayed Beauty

Time may wither condition, but the purest of beauty it cannot touch. (at Via Margutta, Roma)

A Comfort Called Home

There’s something about Trastevere that makes me feel unquestionably at home. Despite the fact that I was born in the hospital just a few blocks from this view, I never actually lived in the neighborhood. Yet, every time I walk through its ancient cobbled streets, I feel enveloped by its warmth: the earth-toned, patchy, decrepit walls, the innumerable plants sprouting from every crevice, the curious mix of college students and older, lifetime residents. It’s a comfort that has nestled its way into my heart; stable, reliable, and always ready to be picked up where I left it. A comfort that, when prompted for a label, can only be described as… home. (at Trastevere Roma, Italia)

A Moment of Suspended Curiosity

A fleeting shot of a father biking his little daughter through one of Rome’s innumerable alleyways. I couldn’t help but wonder where they were going and where they are from. I suppose I’ll never have the answer to these questions, and that in itself is kind of lovely, isn’t it? We don’t have to always know another’s story to feel connected to them – sometimes just a moment of suspended curiosity will do. (at Rome, Italy)

A Photo Reunited

I was walking home from a stroll through Rome, and was stopped in my tracks by this spectacular sunset over St. Peter’s basilica in the Vatican. I quickly took out my phone to capture the view, only to realize it had no battery. Desperate, I turned to the stranger next to me to ask if I could take a photo from her phone and would she send it to me. Bizarre request and we both knew it – confused, she handed me her phone and took down my email.



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I walked away expecting not to see the photos again, but also hoping they’d make their way back to me. And guess what – they did! Another reminder to have faith in the kindness of strangers. (View of St. Peter’s Basilica from the Tiber Island)

Solace in Pomegranate

I find it so peculiar how small tokens, sometimes as trivial as a piece of fruit, have the power to bring people together. To the viewer, this is a half eaten piece of pomegranate. To me, it is a cloudy afternoon spent with long-lost family, hunting nearby foliage for just the right type of gift that will bring a smile to someone’s face. It represents a search for a shared moment amongst strangers whose only bond other than blood and a few scattered memories is the pain of a loved one’s death.

We look for solace in the simplest of things, for those are what can be enjoyed together without burden or explanation.


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