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Unexpected Advice From A Balinese High Priestess

Have you ever done a water ceremony? (I realize that you’re seven words into this email and probably like… “Celinne, WTF are you talking about”) But stay with me... I...
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What’s the “Right” Amount Of Vulnerable?

What is the “right” amount of vulnerability to share with your audience? I get it. You’re purpose-driven, and you love what you do. As a result, you want nothing more...
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A Free Way To Get High Or How Breathwork Has Changed My Life

It’s been two years since I started studying breathwork, and it’s been the modality that has most changed my life (if you haven’t experienced it -- keep reading and you’ll...
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Recovering Perfectionist Problems

If you’re a high-performing, ambitious entrepreneur, chances are you’re a bit of a perfectionist (or a recovering one). I know I’ve personally been down that rabbit hole, and it’s not...
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Bdsm And Dog Poop

I was visiting Verona in Northern Italy a couple of weeks ago, and had the chance to reconnect with a dear friend and one of my first hosts from my...
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A Whole New Meaning To “Mi Casa Es Tu Casa”

On my last day in Rome, I decided to visit one of my absolute favorite stores. It’s called Dust of Time, and it lives up to the name… Hand-crafted compasses,...
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How to treat resistance as a friend

Just wanted to share with you that my QUARANTINE IS OVEEER! I’m back home in Bali, and it feels so good. I have to be honest… I had a LOT...
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The Right Moment To Get Vulnerable And Share Your Story

“So, when is the right time to share my story? And on what occasion?” One of my students recently asked me this, as she wanted to share more of herself...
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How Redefining Your ‘Why’ – Can Take Your Brand to the Next Level

Too many entrepreneurs confuse their "why" with their "what," which stagnates growth and makes it easy to feel unworthy of their own success. When I interview entrepreneurs and ask them...
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How To Know When Your Brand Story Is Boring (And What To Do About It)

All stories have a shelf life. And when yours hits its expiration date, there’s a huge chance your customers, clients and potential clicks will start to disappear. Fast. PHOTO BY...
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3 Ways To Use Your Story To Build A Stronger Personal Brand

  Your story is as interesting as you choose to make it. What will you do with yours? KATHRYN AIME PHOTOGRAPHY The biggest excuses I get from clients looking to...
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What To Do When Everything Seems To Be Going Wrong (It’s Simpler Than You Think)

  Have you ever experienced everything in your life go right and wrong at the same time? RICCARDO ORIZIO PHOTOGRAPHY Have you ever experienced everything in your life go right...
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