Antigua, Guatemala The expression “hacerle ganas” in Spanish captures a sentiment of strength and perseverance that I’ve consistently found present in Latin American cultures: specifically, what it means to keep
Ease. That’s the first word that comes to mind when I think of Costa Rica. Not because life there is easy, but because the Costa Ricans make it effortless. How?
Branding is an essential and often overlooked part of setting up a successful, thriving business. Knowing how to run a business is not enough when it comes to scaling your
I used to think networking was a dirty word: it felt cold and calculated, and I’ve watched too many people approach it with the mentality of “what can I get
A look into Olas Verdes, a Costa Rican hotel that is pioneering the sustainability movement in Nosara.
Throughout my travels, I’m constantly on the lookout for businesses that can balance financial success with a consciousness of how their development affects the world around them. My recent visit
When I think of a reunion, I imagine two long-lost lovers running towards one another, limbs akimbo as fireworks play in the background. But in reality, encounters between loved ones
Sunrise on Mount Batur
I’ve traveled to over 50 countries in six continents, and to this day, Bali is still one of my favorite places in the world. When I first arrived in Bali
How to create a brand story that captivates attention and sells.
Businesses can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing, social media, and content creation, but all of that is futile without a solid brand strategy. That’s where storytelling comes
I used to think that traveling the world for free (or pretty close to it) was a fantasy until I experienced it for myself. After quitting my corporate job in
Lazio, Italy Vale la pena is an Italian expression that has a direct translation but, as a native Italian speaker, I can tell you that it’s not quite the same. Vale
Colorado, United States I recently came to learn of a German word that perfectly captures one’s deep and intimate connection with nature. Waldeinsamkeit roughly translates to “the feeling of being
Skinnskatteberg, Sweden The Swedes are well-known for their minimalist, functional, and sustainable approach to living, and this is reflected in the untranslatable word lagom. Lagom means not too much and not

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