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How to Create an Audience of Highly Engaged Buyers Through Irresistible Storytelling

If you are a conscious leader, CEO, or executive who is here to make a massive impact and share your magic with the world...

You already know how important it is to authentically and unapologetically express yourself in a way that deeply connects with your desired audience and inspires them into action.

Chances are that you've built a successful business so far, but lately, you've been feeling a disconnect and misalignment between how you're showing up now and who you aspire to become next.

You know in your bones that you're here to change the status quo, positively impact the world, and create a legacy during your time on this planet.

But, you're not quite sure how to set yourself free from your self-imposed limitations and instead operate from a place of uninhibited liberation, self-expression, and joyful alignment.

Let's shift that, shall we?


Hi, I'm Celinne Da Costa

Story Alchemist | Speaker | Author | Master Coach

I help visionaries and conscious leaders unlock how to express themselves and share their story in a way that amplifies their gifts, monetizes their message, and fuels their mission so they can live a life in full alignment with their soul's purpose.

Not only did I grow my own brand by unapologetically owning my story, I've helped hundreds of people including top industry experts do the same.

I facilitate breakthroughs for my clients through a blend of my personal embodied experience, plus thousands of hours of expert training in modalities including:

  • Conscious Connected Breathwork
  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching
  • Holistic Healing Hypnotherapy
  • Transformational Life Coaching
  • Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Our work together will help you not only tell, but become the greatest story you've ever told.

My superpower is slicing through your self-imposed limitations and pulling out a story that's so powerful, you wouldn't even believe it's yours (except it is, and you will!) so that you can tap into your unique gifts and transform your entire life from the inside out.

The question is...

Are you willing to let go of who you thought you were, to become who you're meant to be?

Success Stories

Celinne is quite magical. She has a powerful process and incredible intuition that guide the experience. She has a way of tapping into what I most want and why, and enabled me to find my own answers that were buried deep. I love her. The time I have spent with her feels like a special gift.

After coaching with her, everything started clicking together. I knew I was onto something when I sat down to write the intro for my book, in which I shared my fears, and my co-author raved about the depth of my honesty. Additionally, being completely raw and clear about why I am doing this work was a huge motivator. The chapters wrote themselves. Through my work with Celinne, I had major insights of clarity about my book and how to describe its essence in a very simple way. She taught me this, I never would have done this a million years

My book is now published and I feel incredibly proud of what I have achieved! To me, the possibilities are unlimited, but it’s all about reaching as many possible people in the world as I can with this work.

The content she helped us create for our Portugal Stopover campaign had stellar engagement, told a unique story, and helped the internal marketing team better understand the brand’s strengths.

Celinne has a special skill of finding a story where most people won’t – the content she helped us create for our campaign had stellar engagement, told a unique story, and helped the internal marketing team better understand the brand’s strengths.

I was really happy with the brand story work Celinne did for us… I’ve already hired Celinne to do similar work with my other airline, and will continue to hire her in the coming future.

I was featured in international press and had a $70k group program launch shortly after working with her. A few months later, I scaled to a 7-figure business.

Celinne is a masterful storyteller who can quickly and efficiently pull out the deepest parts of your brand story and help you find clarity where there was once before confusion. I highly recommend her to business owners and entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level and turn their brand into a legacy.

The way that she extracts your story, puts it into words, in the right concepts… is amazing.

You should work with Celinne because the way that she extracts your story, puts it into words, in the right concepts, that you really need and know and you can trust, is amazing.

She is on fire!

The passion and knowledge she has for storytelling and personal branding is second to none. She’s the expert in her field and it shows. I’d recommend Celinne to any 6-7 figure business looking to leverage their story to raise their profile and scale their business.

Celinne is one of the most engaging speakers I’ve ever listened to! My clients loved her training and I was flooded with messages afterwards about how it made a huge impact. For example, one person said Celinne helped her find her ‘why’ and another said that she finally understood how to shift messaging in her business.

We had one call in particular that blew my mind. I sat on a bench on the street talking with my notebook out because I had to write down what she was saying. It felt like such synergy.

Not only did she help with my story, but she listened to my business struggles and offered me some GENIUS advice and perspectives that are proving to be invaluable. Once I started working with Celinne and she started working her word “wizardry” on me, I felt supported in such a wonderful way. I didn’t feel alone and she quickly pulled out all the important parts of me. She helped me craft a message and tell my story in a way that felt SO me. If you’re thinking about working with Celinne – you won’t regret it!

What if your soul called you here for a reason?

You desire to...

  • Get crystal clear on what are the next steps in your soul's journey, so that you can take laser-focused action and create the life you desire.
  • Transform your past into an empowering story that moves your ideal audience to action and impacts many people's lives.
  • Create a premium, world-class brand that skyrockets your business to the next level.
  • Feel unapologetically expressed and deeply fulfilled in all that you say and do, both in your life and in business.

Story Alchemist (n)

[ stawr-ee al-kuh-mist ]

A chemist of the soul who, through the process of shedding old identities and reconnecting to the Truth of who they are, transforms adversity into opportunity, and becomes an empowered co-creator of their destiny.

* Spoiler alert: you'll become one when working with Celinne.

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