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Tony Robbins Podcast

Creating a community to call home | Discovering the gift of connection


Clickfunnels Podcast

Battle Between Public Versus Private Stories & How You Can Use Them to Drive Your Success


The Jasmine Star Show Podcast

How to Create a Powerful Brand Story for More Influence, Income, and Impact with Celinne Da Costa


Manifestation Babe

How To Use STORY To Manifest The Life of Your Dreams with Celinne Da Costa


articles written by me

Stop Idolizing Hustle Culture And Do This Instead



How Redefining Your ‘Why’ Can Take Your Brand to the Next Level



3 Reasons Why Brand Storytelling Is The Future Of Marketing


articles written about me

Business Insider

I’m a millennial who went from earning $30,000 a year to earning $30,000 a month by launching my own business. Here are the 5 steps I took to bring my income to the next level without fancy marketing.



9 Top Online Business Experts On How To Build A Successful, Purpose-Filled Business


Yahoo Finance

Meet The 29-Year-Old Who Earned $50K A Month Teaching Entrepreneurs To Tell Better Stories


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An Unconventional Approach
to Human Connection

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Celinne Da Costa is a Master Coach and brand story expert who works with high-achieving, purpose-driven CEOs, experts, and executives to help them become confident, fully expressed leaders with transformational stories, an influential brand, and a tribe of raving fans.

Celinne has thousands of hours of practitioner training in a variety of modalities including NeuroLinguistic Programming, Facilitated Breath Repatterning, hypnotherapy, shamanic energy healing, emotional intelligence coaching, and life coaching, which she channels to create powerful breakthroughs for her clients.

Her work has been featured in top media, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider. A bestselling author and a popular speaker, Celinne has also delivered a TEDx speech on the power of human connection. Follow her journey on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @CelinneDaCosta.


Top Topics celinne speaks on

  • How to Stand Out and Magnetize Your Dream Clients with your Irresistible Story
  • Turn Any Disempowering Story Into Your Superpower
  • How To Rewrite Your Story To Live Out Your Life's Purpose

With a diverse multicultural background and extensive travel experience across over 60 countries, Celinne has the ability to seamlessly navigate cultural differences and pull out stories from anyone she encounters (Burmese guerilla fighters, Nepali monks, and Balinese priests, to name some). Her extensive marketing and coaching background has made her a go-to expert in courageous self-expression, relationship marketing, and storytelling.

Celinne's presentations and workshops are designed to shake your audience out of their comfort zone, ask provoking questions that shift their perspective, and powerfully rewire how they approach the world.

Wise, charismatic, and with firecracker wit, Celinne will make sure your audience walks away inspired, motivated, and primed to take action so they can start confidently putting themselves out there and become the leaders they were born to be.

what people are saying About Celinne

I highly recommend hiring Celinne for your next event, workshop, seminar, conference, summit, or corporate event. She has contagious energy and her insights will move your audience to action.

I invited Celinne to speak at the Freedom Summit in Bali, Indonesia. She did an amazing job at sharing her inspiring story of traveling the world while growing a sustainable online business and designing a freedom lifestyle. I had several audience members come up to me afterwards, personally sharing how they were so inspired and motivated by Celinne’s speech.

Listening to Celinne share her insights is to be in the presence of a true master of her craft (and a true master of explaining it!).

To put it bluntly, Celinne was a born speaker. I attended her talk on brand story clarity at Outpost and let’s just say the curious person that entered the room exited an hour later like a horse kicking at the gates, anxiously awaiting for the race to finally begin. The caliber of the content itself, mind melt index, audience engagement level, and presentation strategy was raw, actionable, and overall, nothing short of stellar.

She has this way of taking the large than life philosophies and ideas we long for and, through her own life experiences, whittling them down into a narrative that is simple, digestible, and most importantly actionable for the guest.

Having Celinne at event was an amazing and powerful experience. Not only was she engaging and friendly, but she delivered a powerful and impactful workshop on how to design your life in a way that aligns that deeply resonated with the guests. Her breadth of real-life experience, her amazing ability to tell stories, and her outgoing and engaging personality make Celinne a powerhouse on stage, and yet, easy to connect with, down to earth, and absolutely captivating.

Many of the guests who attended the workshop have mentioned that even months out from the experience, her words have enabled them to look differently at their life, and given them the spark to choices that more aligned with who they are and what they want from their life.

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