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Tony Robbins Podcast

Creating a community to call home | Discovering the gift of connection


Clickfunnels Podcast

Battle Between Public Versus Private Stories & How You Can Use Them to Drive Your Success


The Jasmine Star Show Podcast

How to Create a Powerful Brand Story for More Influence, Income, and Impact with Celinne Da Costa


Manifestation Babe

How To Use STORY To Manifest The Life of Your Dreams with Celinne Da Costa


articles written by me


Women Need To Talk About Money And Not Feel Ashamed



There’s Nothing Unique About Your Biggest Fears (And What That Means)



How This Entrepreneur Built A 7-Figure Business Helping Companies Cut Their Second Largest Expense


articles written about me

Business Insider

I’m a millennial who went from earning $30,000 a year to earning $30,000 a month by launching my own business. Here are the 5 steps I took to bring my income to the next level without fancy marketing.



9 Top Online Business Experts On How To Build A Successful, Purpose-Filled Business


Yahoo Finance

Meet The 29-Year-Old Who Earned $50K A Month Teaching Entrepreneurs To Tell Better Stories


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An Unconventional Approach
to Human Connection

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Celinne Da Costa is a Master Coach and brand story expert who works with high-achieving, purpose-driven CEOs, experts, and executives to help them become confident, fully expressed leaders with transformational stories, an influential brand, and a tribe of raving fans.

Celinne has thousands of hours of practitioner training in a variety of modalities including NeuroLinguistic Programming, Facilitated Breath Repatterning, hypnotherapy, shamanic energy healing, emotional intelligence coaching, and life coaching, which she channels to create powerful breakthroughs for her clients.

Her work has been featured in top media, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider. A bestselling author and a popular speaker, Celinne has also delivered a TEDx speech on the power of human connection. Follow her journey on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @CelinneDaCosta.


Top Topics celinne speaks on

  • How to Stand Out and Magnetize Your Dream Clients with your Irresistible Story
  • Turn Any Disempowering Story Into Your Superpower
  • How To Rewrite Your Story To Live Out Your Life's Purpose

With a diverse multicultural background and extensive travel experience across over 60 countries, Celinne has the ability to seamlessly navigate cultural differences and pull out stories from anyone she encounters (Burmese guerilla fighters, Nepali monks, and Balinese priests, to name some). Her extensive marketing and coaching background has made her a go-to expert in courageous self-expression, relationship marketing, and storytelling.

Celinne's presentations and workshops are designed to shake your audience out of their comfort zone, ask provoking questions that shift their perspective, and powerfully rewire how they approach the world.

Wise, charismatic, and with firecracker wit, Celinne will make sure your audience walks away inspired, motivated, and primed to take action so they can start confidently putting themselves out there and become the leaders they were born to be.

what people are saying About Celinne

My group of 6-figure and 7-figure entrepreneurs left with highly actionable strategies to stand out online. If you’re looking for a dynamic speaker who can add massive value to your audience, I enthusiastically recommend Celinne!

Celinne is a top-notch speaker! At my mastermind retreat, she taught us how to use powerful storytelling to win the hearts of your ideal customers. My group of 6-figure and 7-figure entrepreneurs took lots of notes and left with highly actionable strategies to stand out online.

The passion and knowledge she has for storytelling and personal branding is second to none. She’s the expert in her field and it shows. I’d recommend Celinne to any 6-7 figure business looking to leverage their story to raise their profile and scale their business.

Celinne is one of the most engaging speakers I’ve ever listened to! My clients loved her training and I was flooded with messages afterwards about how it made a huge impact. For example, one person said Celinne helped her find her ‘why’ and another said that she finally understood how to shift messaging in her business.

She was able to break down great tips for my audience that they can then take over to their office and start to make better stories and better impact.

Working with Celinne is a breath of fresh air. She’s definitely a professional storyteller no matter if she’s in front of a camera or she’s speaking to the group of people. She was able to break down great tips for my audience that they can then take over to their office and start to make better stories and better impact. If you’re looking to work with a professional who’s not only great at what she does but she also has a big heart, Celinne Da Costa is your gal.

What a better way to have someone over who really knows about storytelling and actually makes a living out of that. Celinne was an excellent speaker.

She was able to engage the audience, even make them have a laugh while getting into the topic. I would definitely recommend her for any event in any industry where you actually want people to understand and apply storytelling in their business.

Celinne is a dynamic and engaging speaker who tells stories that inspire. Her presence is commanding; her authenticity, disarming. She sets the audience up for transformation and delivers.

Celinne was the highlight of our speaker series. While she spoke about how to grow a business with impact, her compelling stories on leadership, success, and focus challenged our preconceived beliefs. Celinne does far more than weave great stories into a compelling narrative, she lays out a roadmap for participants to act. With her infectious enthusiasm, you can’t wait but to report back on how she inspired you.

Celinne is a straight shooter and effectively takes her ego out of the picture when coaching. Her expertise is second to none – she knows her craft. Upon hearing her speak to my group of multi-6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs, all of the learning finally gelled for me. About 25 minutes into her 90-minute presentation, my perspective and awareness shifted so much that I understood the missing key which would enable me to take action.

Understanding how connected my story is to my values suddenly clicked the whole picture into focus. Tears welled up in my eyes, and I knew things were going to be easy and fluid from here on out. Now I can effectively connect the essence of ME with my ideal clients, and I have an easy-to-implement framework to share stories that support my business goals.

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