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This woman has magical super powers!!! Working with Celinne on my speech was the BEST thing I could have ever done for my career. I highly highly recommend hiring Celinne – she is so intuitive and a master at her craft!

Hands down one of the realest coaches and mentors out there! So many “oversell and underdeliver” people out there but Celinne gets down to business in the realest most authentic way. She is a wizard at her craft. I truly can’t say enough about her!


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Being able to work with Celinne was just a big shift in energy….

I feel like we as women believe that we have to carry more masculine energy and show up in ways that don’t feel as natural or in ways that we don’t really want to. Being able to bring in that feminine aspect and that encouragement to be true to myself was just such a big eye opener and made a really big difference.

I was lucky enough to spend a day with Celinne doing a VIP session. And I was pretty blown away because she’s able to unpack some ideas and thoughts, which were very deep. I highly recommend working with Celinne if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to do things on a high level.

Celinne has this ability to call me on my shit and hear things that is coming from ego that is not authentic. She has this real capacity to know what is genuine, know what is authentic and filter out the rest.

I finally had a $100k launch of the first version of Launch Magic in November 2020 (after sitting on the idea for 18 months) and I stepped into my next-level self and started growing my team which means I have more mental space, financial freedom and time freedom.

I think working with Celinne is a little bit like Queer Eye for the straight guy, but for your subconscious in your brain. That’s probably the best way I could put it. I feel like it’s changed so much of what goes on, and I haven’t even realized it. But it’s little situations that I approach in my business now. Instead of running away from them, I lean into the things that feel uncomfortable.

This was a HUGE mindset shift for me and I am deeply grateful for it. I have been wanting to do this work for many years, and, with Celinne’s tremendous help, I have finally created a life that feels authentic and steeped in connection and purpose.

I had a dream business that I wanted to launch but I was feeling really stuck. I had some fears pouring out of different life experiences that I really didn’t know how to move through so I could move forward. After a few months of working with Celinne, she really helped me dig in and deconstruct those fears and it helped shift the way that I saw these experiences. Now, instead of feeling like they’re holding me back, I actually now see how they helped me become stronger, more energized, and truer version of myself. With her support, I finally launched my dream business which I am so excited about. I have finally created a life that feels authentic and steeped in connection and purpose.

During my private coaching with her, I did a total website and brand makeover. I also no longer feel afraid to put myself out there.

As an introvert, I would never have dreamt that I could record myself on video and share it with the world — and now I love it! Each session, she pulled out things that I didn’t know were blockages or holding me back from being my authentic self. I can now tell my story (even though I didn’t know I had a story), and Celinne pulled it right out of me!

Not only did she help with my story, but she listened to my business struggles and offered me some GENIUS advice and perspectives that are proving to be invaluable.

She looks at the world in a very special way and I greatly benefited from speaking to a businesswoman who is connected to story, soul, and vulnerability in a way that is rare in the world of online business… If you’re thinking about working with Celinne – you won’t regret it!


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