The Life Design MindsetA Revolutionary Framework to Create The Life You Love

 with Celinne Da Costa

I don’t know you yet, but I’ll bet I know something deep and important about you:You desire the freedom and flexibility to travel, anytime, on your own terms, exploring your fullest, richest self in a variety of exciting and diverse settings.

You dream of a passport-ready lifestyle where you can say, “I want to go to Milan this weekend” (or Rio, Bali, Marrakesh, or Havana,) and just go.

For a weekend. A month. Or even with an open-ended, one-way ticket.

Yet, I’ll bet I know something else about you...

You don’t necessarily think this is possible for you. In fact, you may think it’s totally out of reach.

I know this because every day, women write to me on Instagram--where I share my travel adventures from around the world--and they say, “I wish I could do that!” (implying that they think they can’t).

Maybe you think your job won’t allow it. Or you could never get out of your job. Or you don’t have the money.

Maybe you see some of your friends or people you look up to living the “location independent” digital nomad lifestyle--but you just can’t fathom how you could create this lifestyle for yourself.

Well, I have a message for you. And I’m basing this message directly from my own experience, because I’ve thought just the same things you have about this…

Yes you CAN live this lifestyle.And you can live it SOON.

 What’s the secret?Before I share it with you, let me tell you a little story about how I created this lifestyle for myself.

The Disaster Story, Before I Figured Shit Out…October 2015 was quite a month for me, and not in a good way…. this seems like it’s straight out of a novel, but here’s what actually happened:

My then-boyfriend dumped me on my 25th birthday.

A week later, my roommate raised my rent by $700 per month.

A week after that, I discovered that I didn’t get a promotion at my advertising job, which I had thought was a sure thing.

Before I knew it, I was single, and needing to move out of my overpriced New York City apartment (as I couldn’t afford the rent raise), and feeling cheated by my company.

With all these dilemmas hitting me at once, I went from riding high and having my shit together, to having none of it together, and feeling totally lost, hopeless, and confused.

Pardon my French, but I was feeling fucked up.

It hit me that I no longer had much tying me to New York. No man, no place, no desire to work at this job anymore… and definitely not nearly enough money to survive there.

I started looking into other options.

I was born in Italy and spent my first ten years there before immigrating to the U.S., so I used my European background to look for jobs in Europe. I was interviewing for pretty solid companies like Google and WPP. Facebook even flew me out to Ireland for a final interview. I felt like I was being a responsible adult.

But as the time came closer and closer to hearing an answer from the jobs I was interviewing for, I realized...


I wasn’t sure I wanted the answer from these corporate job interviews to be “yes!”That’s crazy, right?

Here I was, a textbook broke millennial, the kind thousands of concerned articles are written about in the news… and I had the likelihood of getting amazing job opportunities from stable and prestigious employers in Europe…

And I didn’t want the jobs?!What was I thinking?

Here’s what I was thinking.In the back of my mind, there was a little voice that was asking me:

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    Why are you slaving your life away for 10 hours a day to big corporations whose purpose you don’t really care about anyways, when you can’t see any correlation between your actions and creating something you actually care about?

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    Why are you working so hard so you can spend half of your money to live in a box and be so busy you have to schedule your friends weeks in advance every time you want to see them?

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    What are you actually creating each day? Why are you accepting this meaningless routine?


I longed to reconnect with myself and remember what it felt like to be a real human being.

To sit in a park and leisurely read a book. To have real conversations with strangers.

To have the bandwidth to do these basic human things…and to not be the kind of person who uses the word “bandwidth” in relation to their own life.

To not live like a hamster on a wheel, running after some goal, and when I get there realizing that goal wasn’t I wanted anyways.

My favorite things in the world were (and still are) traveling, writing, and connecting with real people.

I realized that, if my Plan A of getting a safe, stable corporate job in Europe didn’t work out, then fuck it, I wanted to do Plan B: traveling the world while writing and meeting new people (but only if Plan A didn’t work out).

In between job-hunting tasks, I started Googling incessantly about travel options. I thought, “Let’s say I did travel the world. What would I do? Where would I go? What would I want?”

And then one day, just like in the movies, my best friend Natalie looked at me and said one sentence, straight up, that rocked my world and changed my life forever:

“Celinne, I think your Plan B is your Plan A.”Mic drop.

The Crazy Adventure Begins...

Fuck it.After Natalie said that, I decided I was going to do it.

I decided I didn’t want to do the typical backpacker/hostel thing. That just felt meaningless to me. Plus, there was another reason.

Cheap as hostels are, I wanted to travel for a long time, and I didn’t have the money to be paying for accomodation for six months to a year.

I needed to find a way to do this that felt meaningful and was also feasible on an extremely low budget.

I wanted this to be some kind of challenge. A journey. A project.

So I decided I was going to do a social experiment.

I would travel around the world staying only in people’s homes, specifically, locals who invited me in.

Furthermore, I would not use sites such as Great as those sites are, I wanted to make it more of a challenge. I wanted to rely on my wits, and my social skills, to meet people who would invite me to live with them for short bursts at a time.

Needless to say, this was a pretty scary thing to contemplate.

I took all my fears and broke them down in reasonable ways to do things:

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    First, I made a plan to quit my job within six months and to save all the money I needed for my trip before quitting.

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    Next, I became a savings queen. I cut out fancy coffees and drinks with friends. The park and other free activities became my new best friends--no more movies, cover charges, or other paid entertainment. Plus, I moved back in with Mom.

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    In anticipation of traveling, I started downsized all my things. I sold an old camera and a pair of designer shoes on eBay, and all my furniture on Craigslist.

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    I took on freelance work on the side. Difficult when I was already working 50 hours a week--but I knew I needed to reach my goals.

Within six months, I had saved $10,000.Given my previous New York lifestyle, that’s actually the most I had ever saved.

The day I quit my job, I bought my ticket for the first leg of my trip to Italy. I wanted to start this challenge somewhere easy, where I already had friends to stay with.

Over the next nine months, my travels took me to Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Nepal, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Panama, and then--finishing the circumnavigation--all throughout the US.

I’ll wait to share with you all the adventures I had--and a few near-disasters--convincing total strangers to let me stay on their couches around the globe.

But I’ll finish this story here telling you this:By the end of this $8,500, nine-month trip around the globe, I had completely left behind my cynicism from working in the advertising industry and fell back in love with humanity.

I wanted to prove to myself that we live in a world where we can meet new people, sit down with them at a cafe or on a porch, have real conversations at a leisurely, human pace, and learn from them, with no agenda. Listening to each other’s stories just because we want to connect.

I learned that people are good, kind, and will help you. But you have to believe that they will.

It’s a busy planet, which we have to cohabit with seven billion people. We might as well get to know and like them.

Are You Ready for Something Different in Your Life?Are you feeling stuck and overwhelmed, but not willing to spend months--or even YEARS--trying to figure out how to design a lifestyle that you’re freaking excited to wake up to every single day?

Do you know that you have the power to design your dream life?Do you want practical, actionable, and results-focused advice, to know what steps you actually need to take to make big changes in your life?

Are you done stagnating in your fears, when you KNOW that the second you get clarity on where to start, you’ll feel motivated to skyrocket into your next-level self?

Many of us grew up being told how to live our lives and not asking why, but I will show you that it doesn’t have to be that way. Life design--that is, the process of becoming your best self and creating a lifestyle that is tailored to your needs, passions, and dreams--is completely achievable for those who are willing to put in the work.

People who made up this game called life were no smarter than us: we have the power to walk away from the “rules” and make our own.

I know because I’ve done it.In just a few years, I’ve gone from being a corporate dropout to building a life that allows me to travel full-time, set my own schedule, spend my days pursuing my passions, and serve others in ways that inspire me.

My life isn’t perfect (does that even exist?) but it’s pretty damn awesome. Best part is--the lifestyle you desire is completely accessible to you.

That’s why I created The Life Design Mindset: How To Manifest Your Heart’s Desires Into Reality... to show you exactly how.

This is What You Actually Want:Imagine a life where you can travel the world full-time. Not only that, but you get to work less in a job you love, spend more time with loved ones, make good money, and help people along the way. Time, location, and financial freedom--it’s more possible than you imagined.

You might ask, “Saving money and traveling is great, Celinne--but how will I fund this in the long run if I’ve left my boring-ass corporate job?”

Great question!

After my 9-month trip, I knew I could never go back. But my savings had almost run out, and I had no job. I needed to find a way to live this new lifestyle sustainably, that didn’t depend on corporate employment. I had lucrative job offers, but there was no way I could take them.

The obvious solution was to get a freelance job. But when I was looking online, none of them were encapsulating the depth of what I wanted to do (copywriting on Fiverr for $20 an hour? No thanks…).

I just didn’t want to go back to the grind.

I knew I had to build a business that would offer me financial freedom and the flexibility to travel. Problem was, I didn’t know anything about starting a business.

For the next several months, I was running around like a headless chicken, trying to figure things out.

I wish I’d had a course to teach me, so I didn’t need to learn by trial and error.Which is why--now that I’ve actually built exactly the business I dream of, by trial and error--I’ve created this course for you.

I wish I’d had a course to teach me, so I didn’t need to learn by trial and error.Which is why--now that I’ve actually built exactly the business I dream of, by trial and error--I’ve created this course for you.

So you don’t need to make all the mistakes I made. I’ve already made them for you… you can just jump to “Go!”

I went from corporate dropout to creating my own business teaching other people what I’ve learned: to design your own life and step into the story you were meant to live.

Within 9 months of starting my coaching business, I was helping people live the lives they always wanted to live. And doing so, I had earned my first $100,000, and it’s scaling up from there every month.


This course will teach you how to get what you want out of life, so that you can:

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    Travel the whole damn world

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    Make meaningful connections with incredible people

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    Start your business and become your own boss

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    Have a job that pays you well AND gives you purpose

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    Make your own schedule

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    Work less hours so you have time for your passions

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    Focus on your health and wellness

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    Take regular holidays

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    Make a positive impact on the lives of others

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    Focus on becoming the best version of yourself

 What is“The Life Design Mindset: How To Manifest Your Heart’s Desires Into Reality”?

 Living the life you desire starts with making your own rules.My course, The Life Design Mindset: How To Manifest Your Heart’s Desires Into Reality will guide you through identifying what it is that you REALLY want. You’ll learn new techniques to get you crystal clear on how your intention works to bring your desires into reality and what you need to do in order to create these results in a way that actually works for YOU (instead of some BS cookie-cutter formula).

The Life Design Mindset is simple, easy to follow, and customized specifically to what you personally want and need. There is no one mold that fits all - this is your life and with my help, you get to decide what it looks like.

How to Take Life By the Balls and Find Fulfillment in Everything You DoIf there is anything I have truly figured out in the past few years, it’s how to take life by the balls and find fulfillment in everything that I do.

How to Take Life By the Balls and Find Fulfillment in Everything You DoIf there is anything I have truly figured out in the past few years, it’s how to take life by the balls and find fulfillment in everything that I do.

By applying the principles I’ll be sharing in this course, I was able to:

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    Save up $10,000 in less than 6 months

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    Get published in huge publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, HuffPost, etc more than 100xeaningful connections with incredible people

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    Build a strong personal brand and social following of +50,000

  • favicon-01

    Circumnavigate the world for 9 months and only spend $8,500

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    Create my dream job and be booked out month after month

  • favicon-01

    Make genuine connections with incredibly successful people all over the world

  • favicon-01

    Scale to a six-figure business in nine months

  • favicon-01

    Design life, my way - despite the challenges


When you embrace the life design mindset, living fearlessly and with confidence becomes a freakin breeze.If you want to learn exactly how I pulled all of this off--and how you can do it, too--then this course is for you.

What’s included 

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    9 action-packed video lessons that will guide you each and every step of the way to re-designing your life

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    Exclusive Facebook community for deeper support and peer guidance

  • favicon-01

    Value-filled workbooks and practical assignments for each Module to keep you on track, progressing, and taking action

  • favicon-01

    4 hours of BONUS trainings and life design case studies

  • favicon-01

    Optional VIP Master Design package to answer all your burning questions

 Here is a peek at what you can expect:

Module 1The Necessary Secret Ingredient to Set You Up for Success

  • favicon-01-gold
    Lesson 1: Discovering the “Secret Ingredient”

    When you’re starting out designing your life, there are several steps you must take to make sure you start on the right foot.

    If you avoid these steps, you may never reach your destination--you’ll get sidetracked and spend lots of time on irrelevant distractions.

    In this lesson, you’ll gain my top steps for getting started so that you don’t waste ANY time.

  • favicon-01-gold
    Lesson 2: The Main Mindset Shift You Need to Succeed at Lifestyle Design

    Many people think they know “why” they have the goals they do. But actually, they do not understand the underlying emotions and reasons behind their goals.

    This lesson presents my process for uncovering the real reasons you want what you want. Once you know these, going for the gold becomes much more direct.

  • favicon-01-gold
    Lesson 3: The Main Psychological Enemy of Life Design… and How to Make it Your Friend

    The closer you get to what you truly care about, the more this hidden enemy pops up. Without skill in dealing with it, this enemy can completely derail you.

    However, you can convert the psychological power of this enemy and turn it into your friend, if you know how. In this lesson, I’ll give you my main process for harnessing it, to your advantage.

Module 2How to Hit Your Life Targets... Every Single Time

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    Lesson 1: Creating Balance Between The Two Main Competing Forces in Your Life

    Every person has two main forces that vie for dominance in their life. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to bring these two forces into harmony and balance so that they work together, effortlessly guiding you towards your life targets.

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    Lesson 2: Don’t Travel Without a Map--Here’s How to Create Your Own

    Would you embark on a journey without a map? “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up there.”

    This lesson shares my personal method for creating a lifestyle map of where I want to go in the next phase of designing.  This method instantly connects you to your core values and the people you will impact, so you can expand your greatest potential and influence.

  • favicon-01-gold
    Lesson 3: Overcoming Final Roadblocks

    I’ve seen again and again that just as students are about to reach their dreams, several specific types of roadblocks arise.

    This lesson identifies each roadblock, and how to move past them--all based on my own experience and those of all the entrepreneurs I’ve worked with.

Module 3Making It Happen FAST!

  • favicon-01-gold
    Lesson 1: The Beta Approach to Decision-Making

    Taking the beta approach to making decisions and pivoting when necessary, so that you remain flexible to new, unexpected opportunities and serendipity. No one else has developed this method--and you get private access to it.

  • favicon-01-gold
    Lesson 2: How to Make Progress Every Day

    Progress towards your dreams won’t come from abstract theorizing--you want to make progress every day. That means you must have a repeatable system for making progress. This lesson gives you that system.

  • favicon-01-gold
    Lesson 3: How to Naturally Achieve Your Lifestyle Goals, Without Extra Effort

    In this lesson, you’ll learn the key habits I’ve developed for integrating lifestyle design into your everyday life--so it happens naturally as you go about your day, rather than requiring intensive effort.

Bonus TrainingsDesign Like No One Else Has

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    Bonus 1: How to Eliminate Energy-Stealers From Your Life

    Gain a framework for understanding what drains you vs. what gives you energy, and how you need to think so that you’re preserving your energy.

  • favicon-01-gold
    Bonus 2: The Revolutionary Exercise for Gaining Instant Clarity

    A revolutionary and fast-acting exercise that will help you get clarity on anything you do. You’ll realize that what’s possible is beyond what you imagined, and you gain the confidence to bring it into reality right away.

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    Bonus 3: Exclusive Life Design Case Studies

    What does it really take to design the lifestyle of your dreams? THREE exclusive interviews with powerful women who decided to follow their biggest, wildest dreams...and , in just a few years, turned their lives completely around to live them. You'll learn exactly how they did it - and how you can do it, too.

your investment for

The Life Design Mindset



Are you ready to change sh*t up?!

Your dream life is much closer than you ever imagined.

This course will show you that the problems you were struggling with were easy to overcome. You’ll learn new techniques to crush those obstacles and what it looks like to pursue what truly sets your soul on fire.

You’re one step away from transforming your reality. Are you ready to design a life that aligns with the brilliant, passionate, and visionary heart beating inside of your chest?