Check out the two books I’ve written below!

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The Art of Being Human

A Book to Inspire, Nourish, and Motivate the Soul

Back in 2016, I quit my corporate New York City job, packed a carry-on, and set out to prove that I could circumnavigate the globe exclusively by staying with people with whom I shared a real connection. I spent close to a year putting my fate into the hands of strangers and relying on their kindness. This is a collection of short stories of the fascinating people I met around the world, and what they taught me about what it means to be human.

If Hearts could talk

A Guide and Journal to Happiness, Mindfulness, and Self-Compassion.

This book will provide guidance and support to those that are struggling to connect to their purpose, feeling stuck on how to achieve their dreams, and seek clarity when it comes to next steps in their life. As you are reading the inspirational stories and journaling through its thought-provoking questions, you will learn how to enrich your life, connect to your best self, and share that change with others. 

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