Master your story

A transformational digital program to help you not only tell, but become the greatest story you've ever told.

Set yourself free of your self-imposed limitations, step into your most authentic expression, and create a premium brand that's unapologetically you.


The story you tell yourself sets
the stage for your future.

If you're dreaming about becoming a leading figure in your industry, creating a legacy brand that can command premium rates, and transforming thousands (or more) of lives in the process... it's time to rewrite the story you're telling yourself so you can quantum leap into the next level of who you're meant to become.

I hope you read this to the end, but if you want to dive right
into the heart of things... Here's what you need to know:

You are here to become a known, well-compensated, and respected figure in your space without compromising an ounce of your authenticity.

I am here to help you create all of that and more, by supporting you with accelerating your transformation from the inside out.

If you desire to go on that journey, then keep on reading…

You know in your bones

you were meant to live an extraordinary
life and change people's lives in the process

But there's still a gap between where you're at and how you desire to show up in the world.

The most frustrating part? You're fully aware of this, which only makes the "stuckness" more overwhelming.

Spoiler alert:

You don't lack clarity because you don't know what to do — but rather, because of all the stories running amuck in your subconscious mind about why you CAN'T do what you know you must do.

Here are some symptoms that your outdated subconscious
stories are still very much running the show:

  • You're looking to other experts to tell you what to do and how to do it. No matter how successful that brand strategist is or how many five-star reviews that copywriter has, your results always seem to fall flat — because you’re offloading YOUR responsibility onto a third party. This is your story. Your brand. Your business. Which means that until you get in the driver's seat of your life and get crystal clear on what your deeper “why” and values are, who you serve, and how to share your message in a way that resonates, you can't tell anyone else how to do it for you.
  • You're constantly self-censoring and doubting yourself. You're holding yourself back from what you really want to say, always looking to people who you think "know better" for guidance and direction. As a result, your message feels diluted and all over the place.
  • You're feeling uninspired and unmotivated by your work, even when you know you’re on the right path. Your income is stagnating, opportunities aren't coming, and your dream client isn't noticing you the way you want them to. No matter how hard you work or what "proven" strategy you try, it feels like you’re pushing a boulder uphill.
  • You're letting fear dictate your decisions and how you show up. Your relationships suffer, your business stagnates and your brand just never feels quite right because who you're showing up as isn't an accurate representation of what's in your heart and soul.
  • You're unclear on why, despite all the inner work you’ve done, you’re still not getting the results you want. You find yourself wondering how much healing you need to do before you can finally get those results on your vision board and start living the life you want.

You have a huge vision,
a big heart, and a deep desire
to change people's lives

So why are you still hitting this plateau?

I see you, I've been you, and I know how frustrating it is to know you're meant for more and have no clue why you can't get there.

Do you know what the most
successful, magnetic leaders on
the planet have in common?

They all have a powerful story that defies time and crosses industries. They know who they are and what they stand for, and they're not afraid to talk about it. Whether you love them or hate them, they’re going to keep showing up as themselves.

Because my friend, telling your story is not a matter of spitballing pretty words on a page. The most powerful stories are those that require no memorized speech or script because they naturally flow out and shapeshift into whatever perfectly delivered message the audience and circumstance calls for.


The secret ingredient to radiating confidence and
becoming a never-ending source of the right message
to the right people is to master your story.

To learn how to not only tell, but also become the best story you've ever told — from that grounded space, you'll find the clarity to unapologetically share your truth, build a premium brand, reach more people, be in full alignment to your purpose, and intentionally build the life and business that your soul was put on this planet to create.

You don’t get all of that by grabbing the external proof that you’re worthy of greatness. You get it by rewriting your internal narrative to become someone who is great.


If you're not creating the brand and results you want, the internal story needs to change. Period.

From that space, you can change your external story so that you can…
  • Stand confident and firm in your voice and not worry what people say
  • Be unapologetic in speaking your truth and sharing your message from your heart, even when it feels challenging
  • Be fearless to say "yes" to the clients, opportunities, and income that you know you’re worthy of
  • Have absolute clarity in who you are, what you do, who you serve, and know how to articulate this so that it attracts the right opportunities

If you're looking to evolve yourself, become a leader in your
space and grow a powerful brand in a sustainable way...

mastering your story is, well, non-negotiable.

I could talk to you about how to weave more
storytelling into your content, pitch a Forbes-worthy
story, or land a coveted spot on TEDx

All things I've achieved and helped my clients achieve, too — but
that’s not the first step you need to take.

I'm going to level with you:—the problem isn’t that you haven’t gotten the right amount of Instagram followers or been interviewed on the right podcast.

It’s that you need to dig deeper.

I've worked with hundreds of people around the world to help them step into the next level of their brand, business, and self-actualization journey. No matter what culture they were from, what industry they worked in, or what kind of business they ran, they all experienced this internal freeze where they hit a wall and couldn’t move forward.

Regardless of whether they were earning 6, 7, 8, 9 figures or more.


At some point or another, we all experience this block. A sinking feeling you can't quite put your finger on.

With every new level you hit, there will inevitably be a new devil.

But instead of obsessing over creating a new strategy, crafting the perfect caption, or figuring out how to dance yet again with the latest algorithm, you need to address the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. What's going on in your internal world, underneath the underperforming FB Ads, neverending shadowban, or eerily silent comment section?

It's your story:
The story you tell
yourself, about yourself

When no one else is listening.

It's the...
  • Who am I to say that?"
  • "No one will understand."
  • “I sound like a pity party.”
  • "I don't have anything interesting or worthwhile to say."
  • "People will think I'm just looking for attention."
The list of inner criticisms goes on and on. No matter what subtle insults we're
whispering to ourselves, the core message always boils down to:
"I'm not enough."

We all have

internal stories we tell ourselves

that limit us on a subconscious level.

Stories around why we're not making enough money, why we don't have the relationship we want, why not enough people see us, etc. And we turn these tiny tales into gigantic narratives inside our heads that influence how we see the world.

They're the filters through which you see your experiences of reality. So if they haven't been working for you, then that means every aspect of your life won't flow until you get them straightened out.

Let's say you want to get more visibility, but you subconsciously believe that the more you get seen, the more you'll get bullied (thanks to good ‘ole childhood conditioning). So you create an INTERNAL STORY about all the times in your life when this was true.

The external result? You bite your tongue. You avoid conflict. You get defensive whenever anyone questions you.


Which puts any and all attempts at visibility at the mercy of self-sabotage in the forms of not posting, holding back, and over-editing. Or worse — posting content that’s passive-aggressive about your opinions.

When you try to craft the EXTERNAL story
before you handle the INTERNAL one,

It will come off as inconsistent, inauthentic, and an uphill battle. Because you are trying to fake it instead of being it.

The real work is cleaning up that inner story, changing how you see yourself, and speaking from that integrated, aligned space.

This is an inside-out process, and it’s what I teach.

It’s why the work I do turns people's lives
completely around and sets the stage for them to
achieve incredible tangibles and intangibles

like speaking at Tony Robbins stages in front of 10K people, getting featured in Forbes and
Entrepreneur, publishing bestselling books, healing eating disorders, calling in aligned relationships,
and following your life's calling.

Here’s the truth:

you can have the most amazing, impressive, and
well - crafted story to share with the world.

But if you are not feeling worthy of it on the inside, there is always going to be something missing. This is
why my life's work is dedicated to not only creating a powerful story that gets you the income, influence,
and impact you're after but making sure you feel worthy of it every step of the way.

that's exactly what
Master Your Story does.

Beyond being a program that shows you how to share your most powerful message, it's a
transformational journey towards breaking you out of your outdated, self-limiting paradigms
and helping you become the best story you've ever told.

This is the journey of becoming the real you. Releasing what’s holding you back and reconnecting to your true purpose so you can feel confident about who you are, find clarity on what you want, and create the kind of extraordinary life you were meant to live.

Who you become on this journey is the most important thing. Because from this space, you can show up in full alignment and create all the big, external results you’ve been chasing, like:

  • Charging premium rates and effortlessly magnetizing soulmate clients
  • Selling out your high-ticket programs with ease
  • Building a brand that will last you years to come
  • Impacting the world with your message

I know the outward accolades are important to you. I'm going to show you how to achieve them, and then I'm going to tell you a little secret…

... you're going to achieve them, and then you're going to realize there's always another level to hit.

This is why I’m going to make sure that we do all the internal work so that you get them, and then you get what you really need, which is mastering your story. So that at any moment, at any time, you can rewrite who you are, and get what you want.

And, you get to learn that at a fraction of what my 7, 8 and 9 figure private clients invest to work with me (which currently starts at $40,000… but don’t worry, I’m making this investment a no-brainer for you, keep scrolling!).



Your Story

A transformational life by design program designed to help you
not only tell, but become the greatest story you’ve ever told.


You’ll get to create the impact, influence, and income you desire, and you’ll do so while healing the inner story that will help you feel worthy of it all.

I’m going to speak to you about the science, the foundations, the what, the why, and the how so that you know how to rinse and repeat this process on your own, without me — because if you just blindly follow me, it’s not going to work.

In Master Your Story, you'll bridge
the gap between knowing your message cognitively and fully embodying it.

PLUS you get life transformational tools to constantly reinvent yourself and remain the true master of your story. So you’ll walk away not only transformed but having the tools you need to transform yourself anytime you desire (spoiler alert: that’s what makes you invincible).

By taking this program at your own pace over the next 6 months, you’ll set yourself up to become the next Amy Porterfield, Marie Forleo, or whoever rockstar in your industry you want to emulate. And you’ll do it all while feeling 100% authentically yourself and in your power.

Basically at the end of
six months, you’re going to become
a totally different person.


This self-paced program will allow you to differentiate yourself in your industry, get known just for being YOU, and become an irresistible beacon for the opportunities you desire. Whether that's speaking on stage, being hired for your unique wisdom, or having an interview go viral because people can't get enough of your magnetic energy.

Because when you can confidently know your story inside out, you develop such a mastery over it that you can craft it into whatever you want it to be.

And don't get it twisted. “Whatever” is fucking huge.

  • It's dropping the shame about owning who the fuck you are, and having unshakable clarity in your mission.
  • It's knowing how to articulate your message confidently and courageously.
  • It's charging whatever you want because there's no one else on the planet like you and people want YOUR energy.
  • It's getting invited to speak on TEDx stages and be a Forbes columnist (that's what happened to me).
  • It's growing a successful business on the power of your story.
  • It's healing old stories that have been plaguing you and keeping you small for years (if not a lifetime) on a quantum level, so you can turn your pain into someone else's medicine.
  • It's having a brand that will magnetize your tribe and will transform people's lives — starting with your own

Celinne is quite magical. She has a powerful process and incredible intuition that guide the experience. She has a way of tapping into what I most want and why, and enabled me to find my own answers that were buried deep.

After coaching with her, everything started clicking together. I knew I was onto something when I sat down to write my intro, in which I shared my fears, and my co-author raved about the depth of my honesty.

Additionally, being completely raw and clear about why I am doing this work was a huge motivator. Through my work with Celinne, I had major insights of clarity about my book and how to describe its essence in a very simple way. The time I have spent with her feels like a special gift. Her wisdom, questions, and insights are amazing. Quite an incredible experience. My book is now one step closer to going to the publisher and I feel incredibly proud of what I have achieved!

Celinne helped me dig into my deep why. I understood the profound reasoning behind why I was doing what I’m doing, whether I’m writing, watching a movie, doing chores, and more.

I’m now true to myself and created a brand that’s an expression of me and a shared narrative that inspires others. I’ve been interviewed by a dream online magazine and written for others. I’ve built a community of storytellers and help leaders and creators share their work with the world. I’ve also been invited to contribute a guest post for a rising travel influencer.

I received so many positive comments from strangers, friends, and family on how I managed to inspire them in ways I never knew I could. I sincerely shared my authentic experience and am living my best story.

I had a multiple five-figure product launch and have made multiple six-figures in my business in only half a year after working with Celinne.

Taking her course helped me cut through my limiting beliefs, gain a clear understanding of why my first product was so successful, and to deeply connect with my brand essence and my audience’s emotions. As a result, I was able to create such a strong brand story that while I was getting ready to launch my second product, I accidentally put my landing page live and a few people bought right away. When I reached out to those clients to let them know the launch had not yet started, they all responded telling me that they were happy to have bought and were looking forward to working with me.

Taking her course helped me cut through my limiting beliefs, gain a clear understanding of why my first I recommend working with Celinne because she’s real and excels in cutting through the hidden limitations you unknowingly put on yourself, which prevent you from really connecting with your audience and unlocking your potential to impact the world. She will help you combine your values and your audience’s desires into a powerful story that will transform your brand and business!

I came into Celinne’s master your story online program wanting to build a company for women that is courageous, authentic, and tongue-in-cheek. However, I found it difficult to cohesively articulate the brand story and message in a way that really captured the brand values. My ideas for the content were also scattered and I felt confused.

As a result of taking the program, I was able to distill the brand core values, create a story bank of over 200 stories, grow the brand’s social media, and create cohesive copy for the business that really conveys what the brand stands for. I now feel confident writing pitches to podcasts and media. I have a clear brand dossier that guides me on what is in line with my brand and what isn’t – I don’t need to wrestle with confusion anymore. This has saved me hours of time and mental effort.

I also had a 1:1 with Celinne and she managed to clear up a year’s worth of brand story confusion in ONE HOUR! I highly recommend her if you want to save time and gain next-level clarity. Thank you again for MYS it was LIFE CHANGING!

Celinne helped me pinpoint the areas of my life that made sense to share and that would further bridge the gap between other people and myself. The modules were jam-packed with insights and questions that blew my mind, and made me ask myself things I never even asked before.

Through NLP techniques and Celinne’s natural ability to turn any experience into an epic story, she made sure that towards the end of the eight weeks together, I mastered my story. Through the course, I’ve also learned how to carefully structure my story when I write it out. I wanted to be able to feel confident as a visionary creative, and this is what the course helped me immensely to achieve through mastering your story. I can acknowledge my worth more now, without feeling shy about it or worried that others might think I’m conceited. It’s liberating.

Whatever I’ve learned in Master Your Story is helping me implement an email marketing strategy. Some concepts I teach as an intentional social media coach and intentional life mentor are difficult to understand but with storytelling, I can create magic and just like that, make my audience and clients truly get what I’m saying.

Master Your Story is an elite 6-month self-led experience

When you enroll in Master Your Story, you're not just signing up for another program. You're being initiated into a powerful, sacred container in which you'll explore, unleash, and rewrite your story from the inside out.


Start the journey below...

This Self-Study Program Includes:



Turn your knowledge into action so you can create the income, visibility, and impact that you desire. I’ll give you the exact same strategies, tools, and exercises I use during my 1:1 coaching sessions with high-level clients. This way, you won’t just learn how to embody your greatest story ever told, but you’ll take action to implement it in real-time.

VALUE: $10,000


Begin the work with the 10 Core Modules, all of which are DEEP dives into neuroscience, psychology, brand strategy, storytelling strategy, subconscious reprogramming, energy work, and other tools I teach to help you own your story and share it with the world. This is the most up-to-date knowledge I have to share, and when I learn more, I add it to these modules at no additional cost to you.

Value: $5,000
group coaching


While this program is a self-study experience, I occasionally hold live Q&A's which you'll have access to. You'll also receive immediate access of past recordings of group coaching calls. Occasionally, there will also be top-notch guest speaker presentations on to help you further implement your knowledge into action that moves the needle and gets you results.

VALUE: $5,000


Get even more support in your story transformation with access to 12+ trainings from top experts in the industry on everything from creating your million-dollar story, monetizing your story, using NeuroLinguistic Programming techniques to reprogram your story from the inside out, and leveraging your story to sell out launches and reach more people.

Value: $7,500


As the program evolves, you get access to my vault of bonuses, guided meditations, workshops, and the most up-to-date information I've learned, utilized, and implemented to make big changes in my life and the lives of my clients.

Value: $3,000

Total Value


Looking for a little inspiration?

Check out what happened to these students
after they mastered their story.

One of the most impactful things from this program for me was getting clarity in my core values. And once I did that, I was so clearly able to see how my values were coming through in all of my work.

I didn’t really know how to show up for my businesses. I didn’t know how to speak from a really authentic place to represent them because I was so unclear on my values. And so that was one of the most impactful things from this programme for me was getting to such a level of clarity in my core values. And once I did that, through the programme, I was so clearly able to see how my values were coming through in all of my work. And as soon as I had the language to describe it, I was able to show up with so much more competence, so much more just authority and with a much more magnetic energy.

Working with Celinne has allowed me to gain more publicity for my business, faster social media growth and more monetary success in the last five months than I’ve seen in the last five years.

I’ve made complete positive shifts in my work habits as well as my business structure. Celine has this beautiful like no BS way of pulling out exactly what you need to hear and work through. And then she teaches you the tools necessary to grow not only as a business owner but also as a human being. Her ability to articulate exactly what I was thinking, but in a much more eloquent beautiful way than I could ever say it was so helpful in creating my brand story and in realizing and unlocking really what I was saying with the Master Your Story Group program training, I learned not only about kind of how I can use my story in my business, but also how all these little pieces in my personal life are truly affecting my brand and my business and how I can work through that and just really improve myself as well as my business that I’m so passionate about and that I love so much and especially as an artist.

Before joining the master your story implementation program with Celinne, I lacked direction, alignment, and told myself limiting stories on repeat. I wasn’t answering the deep questions I should have been asking myself and was stuck in habits that no longer served me. My stories were holding me back from what I truly want to pursue in this lifetime.

Celinne’s group coaching program showed me how my old belief systems and internal stories no longer serve me. I now have the tools I need in order to change my story and share it with confidence. I gained the ability to change my thoughts and as a result, change my life. I’m now able to see when disempowering thoughts arise and how to knock them down, creating value whenever an obstacle comes. Keeping my emotions in check and staying calm through new experiences is a massive win. This program taught me that I have the ability to pursue my vision and tell my authentic story along the path that I create to freedom. I’m walking away with a newfound energy and desire to embrace who I am and love myself and my story.

While the tools and strategies in Master Your Story are already a lifetime’s worth to help you rewrite your story and create the income, visibility, and impact you desire...

I wanna sweeten the pot by throwing in a few awesome bonuses that will
give you even MORE support in your transformation.


How to Shift Your Money Story To Sell
High - Ticket, $10K+ Offers with Ease

When our money story becomes stifled by cynicism, fear, or lack, it can put a real damper on our ability to create abundance. This exclusive training will teach you the exact subconscious shifts you need to make, so those high-ticket sales become so magnetic, they sell themselves.

I'll walk you through the exact process I use with private clients every time they need to raise prices and sell their value. It's the same process I used to double my rates from $10,000 to $25,000 in less than two months (and sell out every last spot).

Value: $497

Rewrite Your Subconscious Fears & Supercharge
Your Confidence Hypnosis Audio Session

Created by my personal mentor and life coach Ralph Ruiz, this hypnosis session will:

  • Guide you into untangling the pieces of your subconscious that may be rooted in fear
  • Help you create a new power-filled lens that will expand your capacity
  • Redivert that energy into abundance and confidence — all while you’re fast asleep.

Actively working on your confidence and self-esteem can be painful. This audio will not only support all the work you’re doing on a conscious level but help accelerate the process on a subconscious level as well.

I've used this specific audio time and time again to overcome some of my deepest fears and catapult my business to new heights.

Value: $197

Rewrite Your Relationship Story Workshop

Aurimas Juodka (high-performance and human optimization coach) and I will walk you through transforming your relationship story into one that attracts the most honest, fulfilling, and passionate kind of love. We'll let you in on our tried-and-true communication strategies, methods for reprogramming subconscious limiting beliefs, and tips for crafting a relationship contract that upholds your boundaries.

This workshop includes over 8 hours of powerful training and coaching sessions. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you’ll learn what it takes to create a powerful, loving container that gives you what you want and need — while still empowering you to fulfill your highest purpose.

Value: $797

How To Turn Your Most Disempowering Story
Into Your Biggest Superpower Workshop

For every unfulfilled dream, unmet goal, or unrealized potential, there’s a subconscious story you’re telling yourself about why you can’t have it. And chances are, that story is bleeding into other areas of your life

In this powerful workshop, I'll show you how to identify the story and the pattern that keeps you stuck and how to dissolve it at lightning speed so you can focus on achieving your goals and allowing your superpower to shine.

Value: $497

Master your story

A transformational Life By Design Program

If you're ready to let go of the fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back, stop selling yourself
short, and embody the full power of who you were born to be — this is the program for you.

Payment (10)
Payment Mobile (1)

It’s really going in and excavating yourself and your stories, recreating and reconnecting yourself in an important way that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life. You’ll be living from the core of your being that I feel like I’m in every day now, I’m living from a much more authentic place.

This was a HUGE mindset shift for me and I am deeply grateful for it. I have been wanting to do this work for many years, and, with Celinne’s tremendous help, I have finally created a life that feels authentic and steeped in connection and purpose.

Celinne helped finalize my two business ideas for leadership coaching and branding consultancy through her structured online program and step-by- step workbooks.

Before taking Master Your Story, I was pretty much set up and had all my tools aligned, but I was stuck finalizing my message. I wanted to focus my services on others, but I had many talents and I couldn’t decide which direction to go. I was confused, looping all the time and coming back to square one.

Celinne helped finalize my two business ideas for leadership coaching and branding consultancy through her structured online program and step-by-step workbooks. I clearly identified my own structure and understood everything I’d worked for and put in place for the last 15 years.

As a result of the course, I successfully finalized my branding and started promoting my services under one confident brand. I walked away with results, structure, and a better understanding of my value and worth and how I can finally help my clients.

Once I was able to put together my story and inner voice, I started earning 4 times what I was making before.

This program had the most impact AFTER I finished it! I discovered a lot of information that was trapped inside and thought was unrelated to my businesses. I also learned how to incorporate all this “personal and mindset” related information to enhance and elevate my brand and my services in unprecedented ways. The most revealing thing was being able to connect all of my personal development and mindset powers WITH my business skills and use that to move towards my goals.

Once I was able to put together my story and inner voice, I started earning 4 times what I was making before. I also found new ways to communicate with my customers and be way more effective and honest. I now have clarity on my purpose, values, and vision. I know how to choose my words and have a process that I can always go through again whenever I feel in doubt. I acquired sale skills without sounding selfish or using any salesy tactics. I’ve unified my spiritual goals and business goals into one sole and clear purpose, which allows me to make faster and smarter choices.


Before you close this tab

there's a reason you're here today.
Deep down inside, your soul is calling for your

This work goes beyond your brand story or your marketing strategy.


It's about finally stepping into your power and living a life that's on fire with purpose. It's about aligning your mind, body, spirit, and emotions to be on the path of uncovering and sharing who you really are. It's about peeling back the layers and letting people see the real you, in a powerful container where it’s safe to do so.

That's what makes the work we do in Master Your Story so vulnerable, raw, and real. It's a safe space to unpack the pain, the insecurities, the fears, and the old stories that are holding you back from the truth of who you are.

This isn't a program where I'll tell you exactly what to do. It's a guide to helping you step confidently into your sovereignty and your truth. Because only then, can you start designing a story that is a reflection of what your soul was put on this earth to create.

From here, you can discover what it feels like to be seen for who you really are, not a carefully curated mask. That magnetic authenticity is what will lead to big names and big pubs knocking at your door, asking for a chance to revel in your magic.

Here’s the fun part — those opportunities are just cherry on top because by the time you get to the end of this journey, you'll find most of this is happening organically anyway.


So here's my invitation to you:

If you want to let go of all the subconscious crap that's been holding you back, uncover your brilliance, transform how you see and talk about yourself on a soul level, and become a powerful story that will motivate thousands of people to take action...

...then you're in the right place.

There's so much more to you than what you're showing the world, showing yourself even.

And it's about time you let that truth shine.

-Celinne Da Costa