Disentangle your “what” from your “why”

My number 1 question when interviewing entrepreneurs is: WHY do you do the work that you do?

As a Forbes and Entrepreneur columnist, I’ve had the privilege to pick the brains of some of the biggest names in the industry, in addition to the hundreds of clients I’ve served to date.

My number 1 question when interviewing entrepreneurs is: WHY do you do the work that you do?

I wish I could tell you I was blown away by the responses…

But typically, I don’t get an answer from the heart.

I get a carefully curated “I help” sentence that sounds something like this: “So that I can help [insert audience] create [insert results].”

It ends there, and even though this SOUNDS good in theory, I’m still left waiting for the answer to the question I asked.

Don’t get me wrong… Something along the lines of “I want to empower women to build purpose-filled businesses” is a noble vision.

But it’s not your “why.” At best, it’s your “who,” and, at worst, it’s your “what.”

Your “why” doesn’t need a deadline, accolades or metrics — it’s all about how you want to FEEL on a daily basis.

To be successful, you need to FEEL successful, which means that you are connected to the emotions that are activated when you’re living into your why.

For example… if your deeper “why” underneath the “what you do” is to create more beauty and peace in the world, how does it FEEL to embody that? Joy, peace, satisfaction?

How are you evoking those feelings every day, as you go about your day, and how are you transferring this to your audience through your brand activities?

When you’re not connected to your deeper why, there’s a lot of “doing” and keeping busy but very little satisfaction… and that’s when entrepreneurs often plateau in their business.

So, how do you create a rock-solid “why” that will take your brand to the next level?

✔️ Disentangle your “what” from your “why”

✔️ Dig deep to find your real “why”

✔️ Get clear on what living your “why” looks like

When you learn to live into your “why” daily, independent of your “what,” you’ll have more energy and enthusiasm to channel into that “what,” and as a result, you will inevitably help others and hit your goals faster anyway.

We can unpack your “why” in a Story Clarity Intensive, which is a deep-dive session with me where we untangle where you’re still subconsciously getting stuck, get you crystal clear on your next steps to reach your biggest goal, and create a blueprint for you to have the right processes and practices in place to quantum leap into your desired results. Book yours here!


I'm a self-actualization coach and brand growth expert for CEOs, executives, and leaders. My work has been featured internationally, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and TEDx. I've helped thousands of visionary leaders worldwide to unlock their most powerful story from within and grow their influence, income, and impact while staying aligned to their true soul's purpose.


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