How To Use Energy Work To Better Serve Your Clients

This is how I use energy reading and intuition in my work.

I was recently hanging out with a friend whom I hadn’t seen in over a year.

To be accurate, he was a friend of many of my friends… so I didn’t know him that intimately yet.

So we’re catching up, he starts casually mentioning in conversation that he’s been having some hiccups with his love life. First, he mentioned being in love with someone for a couple of years, then started talking about a new love interest, then a desire to settle down, and shortly after mentioning how he wasn’t in a rush.

As a subconscious reprogramming expert, you bet that I was picking up on some major clues that his internal world was in turmoil when it came to this area of his life. His language patterns were in total discord and I could feel the subtle waves of angst and distress underneath his voice. His eye contact kept fleeting back and forth, and he was leaning his chest forward as if to protect his heart as he spoke.

It got to the point where I physically couldn’t stand seeing him in such emotional discomfort.

Since I’m a coach by trade (let’s be real, this isn’t just my job… I was designed to be one since I was born 😂), I’m very conscientious when reading or advising people who haven’t hired me for my services, so I asked him:

“I’m picking up on something that might help with your situation. Are you open to receiving my observations?”

He agreed.

“Ok,” I took a deep breath in. “I’m picking up on a deep-rooted fear of opening up your heart and allowing yourself to be fully loved by a woman. I’m also picking up that you really desire to find your life partner, but you’re still engaging in people-pleasing and anxious-avoidant patterns that are actually pushing your ideal woman away. I can feel that this is coming from an old grief you carry and a need to protect yourself, which is right in the back of your heart.”

He looked at me, visibly stunned for a moment. The first thing he said was, “wow.” Another moment of silence before he spoke again:

“I’ve had back problems for 2 years now and have been to many healers and psychics to figure this out. I just learned a few months ago that it was a somatic symptom of a heartbreak I’ve been healing from for years. How did you know this about me in less than 10 minutes?”

The answer?

I could FEEL it.

It was written all over him: his language patterns, his body language, his dysregulated emotions.

This is how I use energy reading and intuition in my work. When working with clients, I can immediately tap into their energetic field and feel what is out of alignment and inconsistent with the core of who they are.

It’s a skill that’s been evolving ever since I decided to go deep into clearing my own traumas and past conditioning years ago. The deeper and more intimate I go into myself — my own habit patterns and belief systems, sitting in uncomfortable emotions, paying attention to how my heart, body, and soul are in constant communication with me — the better I can understand other people and how their systems operate.

To the point where I can feel the slight energetic and emotional shifts that have them out of balance.

We are all channels and psychic beings. My clients often refer to my work as “magic” and I have frequent requests to teach my wizardry (which I do, in my Master Your Story mastermind… message me if you’re interested in joining!)

My clients have experienced months or years of limiting beliefs and energetic blocks cleared in just one session. When they ask me, “how the heck do you do this?”

The answer is simple:


Opening up your channel to receive information from the superconscious isn’t a thing you need to “learn”. It’s always there, accessible to you.

It’s a practice of letting go of whatever is getting in the way of receiving the information, which will be whatever isn’t truly YOU.

This can look like:

  • Old emotions like shame, grief, and anger clogging up your aura, which attract situations that further trigger you
  • Past conditioning that skews your ability to perceive reality objectively, so it becomes a replay of your past
  • A dysregulated nervous system that keeps you in a current state of stress and high-strungness, instead of being in a relaxed, parasympathetic state (which keeps you receptive to serendipity and receiving insights)

The practice of regulating my nervous system and seeing reality as it is, rather than how I wish it could me, has skyrocketed my abilities as a channel and a coach, as well as significantly improved my quality of life.

I don’t have to be a victim to life’s whims anymore. Having a process for navigating my emotional landscape and understanding what to do with myself when challenge arises, has allowed me to stay calm and grow from the most stressful situations.

The more I practice, the better I get at intuitively feeling what’s going on with my clients and the more skilled I become at clearing the blocks.



How to Create an Audience of Highly Engaged Buyers Through Irresistible Storytelling

This isn’t unique to me. It’s what I’ve achieved through years and thousands of hours of PRACTICING emotional and nervous system regulation, trusting my intuition, clearing my channel of the past gunk that was clogging it.

That’s what allows me to get into a room with someone and understand what their core issue is in less than 10 minutes — sometimes helping them solve problems that they’ve been struggling with for months, and even years.

There is a process to this, and one that I teach in my high-level programs and masterclasses.

If you’ve been feeling stuck where you’re at for a while, and deeply desire to quantum leap forward and take the next steps towards your soul’s desires once and for all… I have a couple of spots open for a Story Clarity Intensive with me this month.

I can support you with clearing whatever’s going on energetically, helping you clearly see the belief systems and patterns that were previously subconscious to you, and create a customized plan for clearing, releasing, and moving forward so that you can take action towards your highest goals.

You can book here.

For now, I’m going to leave you with this…

In what ways do you use your intuition in your business, and how can you strengthen it so that you can serve your clients deeper, stay regulated in your own nervous system, and make decisions from a clear-headed, higher self space?

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