Juliana Piraquive

I reached out to Celinne after making the decision that the 9-5 corporate lifestyle was not going to cut it

I reached out to Celinne after making the decision that the 9-5 corporate lifestyle was not going to cut it for me and that it was time to chase my passion while making it into a profitable business. It was easy to decide what I wanted but it wasn’t so easy to know where and how to start building my vision. I had millions of ideas, questions and was lacking direction on how to go about it all.

I stumbled into Celinne’s story while on Facebook and after checking out her website, I was compelled to take her ‘Brand Clarity Workshop’ after all that’s what I felt I needed: CLARITY. Clarity on what my brand would stand for and how I would go about communicating it to the world in a way that was captivating and authentic.

The only thing I questioned was how Celinne was going to help me gain all this clarity within just two hours …Well let me tell you, Celinne completely surpassed my expectations, she is a master at her craft and knows exactly what to ask to get to the heart and core of what you want your business foundation to be. She has the ability to get answers to those important questions that we can’t seem to answer by ourselves. She pokes in the right spots that will help distinguish what you deem necessary for your business model and then goes on to give you structure and guidance on how to build the framework that will become your brand.

I ended the workshop feeling immensely content with how much progress and clarity I had obtained, so much that I will now continue working with her as my coach as we begin the adventure that is building my vision and brand!


I'm a self-actualization coach and brand growth expert for CEOs, executives, and leaders. My work has been featured internationally, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and TEDx. I've helped thousands of visionary leaders worldwide to unlock their most powerful story from within and grow their influence, income, and impact while staying aligned to their true soul's purpose.


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