Words Beyond Translation: Ojalá

Cusco, Peru How often does what we desperately wish for come true? Ojalá has always been one of my favorite Spanish words, perhaps precisely for the magic and the possibility that it holds. Although it is directly translated to “hopefully,” ojalá actually derives from an Arabic expression: “ma sha allah,” which means “should God will…

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How This Costa Rican Business Makes Sustainability Profitable

A look into Olas Verdes, a Costa Rican hotel that is pioneering the sustainability movement in Nosara.

Throughout my travels, I’m constantly on the lookout for businesses that can balance financial success with a consciousness of how their development affects the world around them. My recent visit to the developing beach town of Nosara, Costa Rica, revealed that it is indeed possible for a business to change and evolve to meet market…

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Words Beyond Translation: Saudade

No one had to teach me the meaning of saudade, because I’ve intimately understood it since I could speak. Saudade is a famous Portuguese word: countless articles have been written trying to capture its essence, but none of them have quite explained how it makes me feel. Saudade is a feeling of longing, melancholy, desire,…

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I’ve Visited Colombia 8 Times; Here’s Why I’ll Return


I have a love affair with Colombia that’s lasted eight years and counting. I still remember my first visit to Cartagena, a magical Caribbean town on the northern coast, when I was 19. I was instantly enamored by the quaint, romantic Spanish colonial architecture. There was a certain allure in how puddles of flower petals…

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