Lazio, Italy Vale la pena is an Italian expression that has a direct translation but, as a native Italian speaker, I can tell you that it’s not quite the same. Vale la pena means “it’s worth it,” yet there is a keyword in the Italian phrase that is lost in the
Colorado, United States I recently came to learn of a German word that perfectly captures one’s deep and intimate connection with nature. Waldeinsamkeit roughly translates to “the feeling of being alone in the woods.” The structure of the word says it all: “wald” means woods/forest, and “einsamkeit” means loneliness or
Skinnskatteberg, Sweden The Swedes are well-known for their minimalist, functional, and sustainable approach to living, and this is reflected in the untranslatable word lagom. Lagom means not too much and not too little: it’s just the right amount, and as the Swedish proverb goes, “the right amount is best.” Lagom asks
Storytelling is an essential marketing tool for brands looking to ground their business strategy with messaging that is memorable, emotionally engaging, and profitable. In my recent article, I delve into how strategic storytelling can help businesses create high-quality marketing content, strengthen brand loyalty, and improve sales conversions. The most successful brands
It’s been almost two years since I left my corporate life in New York City to work remotely and travel the world. When I first left my apartment, job, and other comforts, I was terrified: I had no idea whether it was possible to build a business on the road, let alone