Antigua, Guatemala The expression “hacerle ganas” in Spanish captures a sentiment of strength and perseverance that I’ve consistently found present in Latin American cultures: specifically, what it means to keep moving forward towards a goal, even when faced with adversity. Hacerle ganas roughly means “to create the desire.” It is
Ease. That’s the first word that comes to mind when I think of Costa Rica. Not because life there is easy, but because the Costa Ricans make it effortless. How? Through their mindset and attitude. You may have heard of the very popular Costa Rican phrase, Pura Vida, which translates
Branding is an essential and often overlooked part of setting up a successful, thriving business. Knowing how to run a business is not enough when it comes to scaling your potential – having a strong, recognized brand will get you to the next level by attracting your ideal audience, increasing