publications that I have been featured in:


Publication Date Title
203 Travel Challenges 1/31/2018 Inspiring travelers: Celinne Da Costa’s humanity challenge
OpenWorld Magazine 1/22/2018 The Top 30 Adventurers in the World Under 30
Nomadic Matt 1/18/2018 How to use your social network to travel the world
Swedish Nomad 1/7/2018 Interview With The Amazing Storyteller Celinne Da Costa
Business Insider 11/5/2017 The 30 Most Stunning And Influential Instagram Travel Accounts On The Planet
Bloggers Ideas 11/5/2017 Celinne Da Costa Writer & Brand Strategist On How To Find Your Passion
Journey To There November 2017 Being A Nomad Is Being Responsible
Ricky Shetty, Daddy Blogger 10/26/2017 Couch Surfing Around The World With Celinne Da Costa From The Nomad’s Oasis
Roadside Stories 11/20/2017 How To Quit Your Corporate Job And Design Your Own Dream Lifestyle With Celinne Da Costa
Thema News 11/21/2017 Celinne Da Costa: The “Female Odysseus” Who Found Her Ithaca In The Journey
Brazilian Times 11/17/2017 The Brazilian Celinne Da Costa Is A Finalist In The World Competition “Faces2Hearts”
Sabrina Phillip 10/30/2017 LIVE With Forbes Contributor Celinne Da Costa: Why Brand Story Is KEY To Pitching Major Press
Swedish Nomad 03/09/2017 17 Epic Travel Instagram To Follow In 2017
The Travel Women 7/18/2017 Interview With Celinne Da Costa
The Voyage Report 5/9/2017 The Nomad’s Oasis: 70 Strangers, 17 Countries, 1 Journey
Business Insider Italia 4/3/2017 Thanks To Social Networks, This Woman Has Traveled The World Spending Only 8 Thousand Dollars
Forbes 3/31/2017 How This Woman Circumnavigated The Globe On $8,500
Ale Garattoni 2/22/2017 Four New Brazilian “It” Girls: Content That Is Worth Following
Sivana Spirit I’m Celinne Da Costa, And This Is My Dharma
Nowhere Men 12/15/2016 The World Lost Its Mind in 2016, But These 17 Travelers Kept Their Cool
Buzzfeed 11/16/2016 20 Travel Bloggers Who Will Inspire Extreme Wanderlust
Forbes May 2016 Why I Quit My Job To Couch Surf The World
HuffPost June 2016 Why I Quit My Job To Couch Surf The World
Brasileiras & Brasileiros April 2016 Feature On Celinne Da Costa
Revista Brasilianas 4/5/2016 Sometimes, Happiness Just Needs You To Show Up
UBelong 10/21/2015 UBelong Snapshot: Celinne Da Costa
Brazilian Voice 9/29/2015 Brazilian Daughter Based In The USA Does Community Work In Cambodia
Deshabille Magazine 9/29/2015 The Two Sides of Cambodia
Paulo Coelho Blog 5/27/2011 Celinne By Herself
George Roberts Talks 3/5/2016 George Roberts Talks About… Celinne Da Costa Of The Nomad’s Oasis